How to cut the top and bottom off a can

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I"m making a sanctuary out of a big satellite dish. I"ve identified just how to mount it prefer an umbrella. I need to cover the increased steel through somepoint that"s rather water tight and also as soon as up will certainly outlast me. I"m thinking of using aluminum cans as shingles. After the peak and bottom are rerelocated, the can have the right to be split and unrolled. With holes punched it could be wired to the expanded steel of dish.I"m trying to find principles about quick methods of rerelocating the ends of the cans. Youtube has actually several videos. One mirrors a Pringle deserve to wrapped around the deserve to to include stiffness. A knife is offered to observed via the can. Ideas?

For "mass production" I"d usage a band also saw with an extremely fine toothed blade.Set up a jig on the witnessed table to host the cans.A knife would work-related for doing one or 2 cans, yet a observed can carry out lots of them and also make them all similar with a great set up.All that shelp, I"d rethink using cans and also rather use galvanized steel designed to use as skirting approximately mobile dwellings.It comes in long rolls of varying widths and also is basic to cut via saws or steel snips. You can make big wedge shaped pieces that would certainly be a perfect fit to the sections of the dish.Another option would be Aluminum flashing material which also comes in long rolls of differing width.The bigger your pieces, the fewer fasteners you will need.Unless of course you just need an excusage to drink LOTS of beer to get the cans.
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Use flatten the entirety can length wise. Keep open up finish dvery own as soon as utilizing as a shingle. Gives it that rugged look, double layer too!

Darren, I"ve done it before through a big collection of tin snips....but it still takes time.For I went to all that trouble, I"d see if I can find some provided roofing metal and also usage it. If you store your eyes open up, it can often be had for bit to nothing.
Another alternative would certainly be Aluminum flashing material which additionally comes in long rolls of differing width.

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The larger your pieces, the fewer fasteners you will require.Unmuch less of course you just need an excusage to drink LOTS of beer to gain the cans.
Sometimes I miss out on the evident. The dish is made out of aluminum. To stop corrosion, the flashing is the ideal and also fastest choice to install. The cans would certainly have actually taken a lot more time. Those will certainly go to the scrap yard shortly.Thanks!
You have the right to use the scrap money to pay for the flashing, so you still have an excellent excuse to drink lots more beer without the included labor.Victory Win
I wear a 30-ounce 1911 24/7 to safeguard myself and others around me. I have no problem wearing a 1-ounce mask for a few minutes a day to execute the same.

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But, but the flattened cans as shingles would have actually looked so much cooler! Ya" understand looks are everything!
The difficulty is not that people are uneducated. The problem is that they are educated just enough to believe what they"ve been taught, and not educated enough to question what they"ve been taught.Only she that attempts the absurd have the right to attain the impossible
Spray that expanded metal dish via an excellent shot of "Flex Seal" like they show on the TV commercials.
Spray that broadened metal dish with a good shot of "Flex Seal" like they display on the TV commercials.
That would work-related if the mesh was fine enough, but I doubt it is.It might probably be lined through tar paper on the inside and also then sprayed.Asphalt "Rolled Roofing" would certainly be a non-metallic choice.
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