How to connect samsung s4 to computer

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The ability to easily transport papers to and from your phone/COMPUTER is of the highest possible prestige. It does not take long to eat up a big chunk of storage through a pile of videos or pictures. Not being able to dump big quantities of documents would render the phone"s cam useless. Below we will certainly discuss exactly how to relocate papers from your COMPUTER to your phone, or from your phone to your PC utilizing a USB cable or WiFi link.

Your S4 phone also attributes as an outside flash drive, letting you save anypoint to or from it.

Many kind of individuals are having difficulties moving files to and from an Android tool using Windows 10. One of the even more famous concerns is the PC not recognizing the phone, even after it states the chauffeurs have been mounted. Another prevalent glitch is the device is linked, yet no records present up.

If you run right into comparable worries after watching Wieldy Mallard"s brief tutorial, or it just sindicate will not work-related, follow the workaround below to at least deliver photos and video from and also to your tool.

Windows 10 workabout (needs internet connection)

This requires an internet link and bandwidth. You"ll be uploading photos and also videos to your Google cloud storage via the Google Photos application. After backing up your documents you deserve to download them to your PC through your Google account.

Once you"ve totally backed up your videos and also photos, authorize in to your Google account on your COMPUTER and also browse to Photos. Now you deserve to downfill all the files you backed up inside Google Photos on your phone, individually, or as one zip file.

Try these measures if you are having a problem, otherwise, visit the next section for the guide.

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Sometimes a difficulty, glitch, or various other random software application problem or bug deserve to chop up and damage an otherwise perfect device. When that happens it deserve to be frustrating, and frequently leaves human being feeling choose they"ve wasted their time. We desire to make sure everyone that supplies finds a solution to their trouble. So, if you"re having actually difficulties, attempt among the actions listed below to troubleshoot your link, and also then see if you"re able to get your documents and devices to occupational and also sync properly.

Tbelow are several methods to move data in between your Samsung Galaxy and your computer system.

All of the methods explained below will work to move information between your Galaxy S4 and your COMPUTER or Mac. However before, depending upon whether you"re delivering smaller sized record files, or bigger records, prefer movies, or music, you can prefer one technique over one more. That"s why we"ve extended them all.

Moving media via the Samsung Kies Application is a quick and also basic solution to transport files between your Galaxy S4 and also a computer.

Samsung Kies is a computer application that enables you to control, move, update, and also sync music, movies, photos, and also various other indevelopment between any type of sustained Samsung device and your computer system. This overview describes just how to downfill and also install the latest version of Kies from Samsung:

Your tool should now be connected
This link need to be automatic, definition eincredibly time you plug your Galaxy S4 right into your computer system via the USB cable, it need to attach.
If your device does not connect, sindicate swipe your finger down the display screen from peak to bottom, and open your "Notification Panel".

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Then, choose "Connected as a Camera" to transport photos, or "Connected as a Media Device" to transport music and videos.