How to connect cyberpower pc to monitor

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3DMark Time Spy is a renowned and also reliable benchnoting tool for rating gaming performance. Frame rate figures present typical performance as tested by UL. The higher the framework price and 3DMark score, the much better the experience. Performance may readjust via mechanism, driver, and also game updates. Kcurrently more



3DMark Time Spy is a renowned and efficient benchmarking tool for rating gaming performance. It is supplied by millions of gamers, hundreds of hardware sites and many leading manufacturers. The better the score, the better the performance and user suffer. Keep in mind that the frames per second numbers show the typical FPS.

Step Into the Game

The mechanism is capable of giving an excellent user suffer in the huge majority of 1080p games through medium – typical settings.

Next Level of Gaming

You have the right to comfortably play all current 1080p games through high graphics settings. All assets on level 2 and above are prepared for VR.

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Kick it right into High Gear

You can play all famous game titles via the exact same graphics establishing as Level 2 and many games at max graphics establishing at 1440p resolution.

Elite Gaming Experience

Virtually all games run 60 FPS or even more at 1440p resolution via greatest graphics settings, and also many games also run terrific in 4K resolution.

Not eexceptionally system and also configuration will be tested explicitly. The scores and data presented are offered by UL and are an estimate of expected performance. UL tests all hardware in managed problems. Benchnote results might vary on some devices yet have actually a precision with a margin of 3 percent. Changes in software application, such as system updates, driver updays, or transforms to the game might impact performance. In exceptionally one-of-a-kind instances, the tool is of a nature that does not supply constant performance.

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All PCs are tested via games running in 1080p resolution with tool high quality settings. The even more powerful Computers are also tested with games running in 1440p resolution via the highest possible graphical settings.