How to clone a hard drive using docking station

Without a tough drive duplicator, carrying information from one drive to one more becomes a chore. You have to affix both drives to the exact same COMPUTER, and usage dedicated software program to copy the drives. This deserve to be time consuming. If you work through many type of computer systems, a duplicator is a crucial tool in your kit. It renders copying dozens or numerous drives a breeze. Imaging becomes a basic, painless task. Schools, hospitals, police stations, and small businesses can all benefit from one of these devices. In addition, some of these docks deserve to be offered to transform an inner drive to an exterior drive. This function is helpful both for residences and also businesses.

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Today, we’ll be looking at 3 different difficult drive duplicators. Two of these are produced by, a well-known manufacturer of docking stations, cables, and switches. The 3rd is developed by Sabrent, a famous, respected difficult drive manufacturer. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these tools.

* USB 3.1 (USB-C) Hard Drive Duplicator Dock

The USB 3.1 Hard Drive Duplicator Dock is a top-loading, toaster-style dock. This style makes it straightforward to insert and rerelocate your drives. It have the right to accommodate both 2.5-inch and also 3.5-inch drives, including both SSDs and HDDs. Once a drive has been placed, the dock locks it secudepend right into location. At that allude, it can just be rerelocated by pressing the eject button. Each drive has its very own eject button, which makes it simple to easily make multiple copies of the same drive. When no drive is inserted, drive doors automatically close, preventing dirt and also debris from obtaining into the slots. The doors also assist stabilize drives that are thinner than the entire slot.


The overall dimensions are 7.3 inches deep, 8.3 inches wide, and also 4.7 inches tall. Constructed from black ABS plastic, the unit weighs in at 2.2 pounds. On peak, you’ll uncover power and copy buttons, and a button to switch between copying and carry settings. There are also LEDs to show once each drive is placed and also completely seated. A sepaprice LED light bar will progressively fill up as your drive duplicates, so you have the right to save track of the progression.

The USB 3.1 Hard Drive Duplicator Dock includes a universal power adapter. This permits you to usage the dock almost everywhere in the world, via both 110/120-volt and also 220/240-volt power. If you desire to convert your internal drive into an exterior drive, affix via the USB Type-B port. The kit contains cables that affix to both standard USB and also USB Type-C drives. The Type-C connector is additionally compatible via Thunderbolt ports.


Duplication Performance

The Duplicator Dock allows for impressive duplication speeds, as quick as 28 GB per minute. At this price, you could duplicate a whole 1TB difficult drive in just over half an hour. If you have a bigger hard drive, that’s not a problem. The dock has been tested with drives as huge as 6TB, enough to copy simply about any kind of difficult drive.


The primary benefit of the Duplicator Dock is that it creates a perfect, sector-by-sector clone. This ensures that your partitions and also boot sector will remain intact. As a result, if you desire to clone a 1 TB drive onto a 3 TB drive, your partitions won’t acquire destroyed. This is an excellent added worth, considering that many kind of drive duplicators will certainly cause errors once copying drives that have actually multiple partitions. However, sector-by-sector cloning is additionally beneficial for information recoincredibly. Many type of duplicators will only copy data that’s correctly provided in the drive’s magazine. By copying eextremely sector, the Duplicator Dock enables you to access data that was deleted or corrupted. This is an extremely valuable tool for forensic recoincredibly, or also for respanning deleted photos and residence videos.

When using the duplicator dock for outside storage, you can attain deliver speeds as rapid as 10 Gbps. This is assuming you use the USB Type-C connector. If you use the traditional USB connector, your maximum rate is going to be 480 Mbps. This is the maximum rate that a USB 2.0 port have the right to assistance. As a result, the Duplicator Dock provides you the fastest performance on the market. You can transform an inner tough drive right into an exterior drive that percreates and a premium exterior drive. If you have some old tough drives lying approximately, this is a great way to expand your residence computer’s storage.

* Standalone 2.5/3.5” SATA Hard Drive Duplicator

When compared to the Duplicator Dock, the Standalone 2.5/3.5” SATA Hard Drive Duplicator is noticeably different. It’s not a docking bay. As an outcome, it’s not suitable for converting an internal drive into an outside drive. That sassist, it’s superbly suited for dealing with drives that are still installed inside a PC. Simply disconnect your drive’s SATA cable, plug it right into the Standalone SATA Hard Drive Duplicator, and start copying.

The Standalone SATA Hard Drive Duplicator is about the size of a deck of cards, and also weighs around the same. It has male SATA relationships on both sides, so you deserve to connect it conveniently to two difficult drives. On the front, you’ll find a small LCD screen. Underneath, there’s a set of 4 squishy buttons. The first two permit you to navigate with the food selection and also pick different choices. The following permit you to select an option or back out. This enables for straightforward, intuitive procedure. There are additionally LEDs on both sides, close to the SATA ports. These indicate as soon as a drive is associated, as well as as soon as it’s proactively reading or composing. On the peak of the duplicator, you’ll uncover a power input port, and an easy on/off switch.


Alengthy via the unit itself, you receive a selection of accessories to finish the package. The first of these is a global power adapter. This enables you to affix to 110/120-volt power, as well as 220/240-volt power. You have the right to usage the Standalone SATA Hard Drive Duplicator in practically eexceptionally country. You additionally obtain a lengthy SATA cable and 2 brief SATA cables for connecting to interior hard drives. If you’re trying to recover an old exterior drive, you can usage either a 12-volt or 5-volt eSATA cable. Both of these are contained in the kit. You likewise gain a pair of soft, plush pads for resting your HDDs or SSDs.


Duplication Performance

The Standalone SATA Hard Drive Duplicator is a bit sreduced than’s Duplicator Dock. The maximum move speeds are 6 GB per minute, which would certainly carry a 1 TB drive in simply under 3 hrs. On the other hand, you don’t need to rerelocate your drive from your PC to percreate the operation. Besides which, the SATA Hard Drive Duplicator isn’t mainly designed for information recoincredibly. It’s designed for imaging brand brand-new hard drives.

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The Standalone SATA Hard Drive Duplicator is qualified of picking between multiple drive imperiods. As an outcome, you deserve to conserve numerous drive imeras on a single library drive on a single SSD or HDD. This provides it a perfect tool for IT specialists. For example, suppose you have a selection of standard software packages that are used by various user groups. You might save each image independently, then select between them using the SATA Hard Drive Duplicator. This provides it quick and easy to setup a variety of brand-new computers.

Tright here are additionally 3 various settings for duplicating a single drive. The first mode is “file & mechanism copy”. In this mode, the SATA Hard Drive Duplicator will copy all files that are in the catalog on one partition. There’s likewise “all partitions” mode. This is similar to file & mechanism copy mode, however it will copy information from all partitions on the drive. Finally, there’s “totality copy” mode. This mode will certainly copy all data, consisting of the boot sector, on a sector-by-sector basis.


Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA I/II/III Dual Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station

The Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA Dual Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station is comparable to the Docking Station. It’s a little bit smaller sized, though, measuring 6.9 inches wide, 3.9 inches deep, and also 2.7 inches thick. It weighs in at 1.19 pounds, so it’s reasonably lightweight for the size. The device is built from babsence ABS plastic, through a pair of toaster-style ports on top. Each port deserve to assistance both 2.5-inch and also 3.5-inch drives, both SSDs and also HDDs. This allows you to copy basically any type of difficult drive in the people.


On peak of the dock, you’ll check out a row of 4 LED lights. These suggest the progression level as soon as you’re cloning a drive. There’s likewise an LED to indicate that the gadget is powered on. On the front, tright here are sepaprice, larger LEDs that let you understand once a drive is placed and linked. The docking ports themselves have doors that close immediately as soon as a drive is rerelocated. This will keep the inside of the ports clean. The doors are spring-loaded, so they will also support drives and also keep them steady while they’re put.

In enhancement to the Sabrent dock itself, you also get a typical 110/120-volt power supply. Keep in mind that this will only work in North America. You additionally get an owner’s manual, and also a USB 3.0 cable. While the Sabrent Docking Station is qualified of managing USB 3.0 speeds, it’s likewise compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1.


Duplication Performance

The Sabrent SATA Hard Drive Docking Station have the right to be supplied either for tough drive cloning, or as an external dock. For both purposes, it supports tough drives up to 10 TB. It’s likewise compatible with many operating units, including Windows, MacOS, and a lot of Linux distributions. This provides it the a lot of highly-compatible hard drive duplicator on our list.


When offered for cloning, it supports speeds of 60 Mbps, or about 15 MB per minute. At these speeds, you deserve to copy a 1 TB drive in a tiny little even more than an hour. This is a respectable pace, but for bigger drives, you’ll still should wait overnight. For information carry to or from your COMPUTER, the rate will certainly depend on the rate of your PC’s USB port. On a 3.0 port, your speeds will be a respectable 5 Gbps. On a 2.0 port, your speed will certainly still be decent, at 480 Mbps. On an older 1.1 port, your maximum rate will be 12 Mbps. That’s pretty slow-moving. But it’s not the Sabrent Docking Station’s fault. It’s ssuggest the limitation of older USB ports.

If you don’t have actually any type of spare interior drives, you could carry out much better by ssuggest buying a pre-developed exterior drive. For example, take a look at the Sabrent Rocket Nano, which comes in 512GB, 1TB, and also 2TB sizes. It also has a difficult aluminum instance, which provides it pretty long lasting.

Final Verdict

So, which among these difficult drive duplicator/cloners is the finest of the bunch? Similar to many computer components, it counts on what precisely you’re looking for.

To start through, the USB 3.1 (USB-C) Hard Drive Duplicator Dock offers the highest speeds. At 28 GB per minute, it allows for ultra-fast cloning. The sector-by-sector cloning is additionally a good feature, especially for data recoincredibly. However before, it deserve to leave your drive cluttered if you’re just trying to copy a couple of documents and also folders.

The Standalone 2.5/3.5” SATA Hard Drive Duplicator is ideal for imaging. The move speeds are fairly slow-moving. However, the ability to save and copy multiple imperiods from a single library makes it a great choice for service.

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Finally, the Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA Dual Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station is the finest for compatibility. It supports a selection of operating systems, making it appropriate for Mac and Linux users. It likewise supports up to 10TB tough drives.