How to clear clipboard on samsung galaxy s3

- "I use a wallet password keeper that have the right to copy passwords to the clipboard. Now I want to disable this function. But I have no idea just how to clear clipboard on Android phone…"- "How perform I clear clipboard contents on Samsung Galaxy S7? I'm running the main non-rooted ROM based upon Android 4.4.2 KitKat."- "I'm trying to clear clipboard on Android tablet. Any idea of wbelow I need to start?"

When you are reading this article, definitely you want to accessibility and also clear clipboard contents from your Android phone. Actually, all your digital browsing activities will be recorded by the Android system immediately.

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With these or those factors, if you have the must clear clipboard background, then you simply concerned the ideal place. This article supplies organized solutions of just how to clear clipboard on Android phone and tablet. Hence, you deserve to check out and also gain services of Android clear clipboard programmatically here.

Part 1: What Is Clipboard on Android

Clipboard is a temporary platcreate to keep your replicated content. When you copy somepoint on your Android phone consisting of web links, texts and imeras, it will be stored to clipboard by default. And the clipboard background have the right to be extended by the latest duplicated items. In an additional word, all older items you copied to clipboard will be gone automatically. Later, you are able to paste the quick copy continued to be in Android clipboard conveniently. Well, this is the basic expertise you need to learn before you start to clear clipboard history on Android.

Part 2: How Do I Find My Clipboard on My Phone

Many type of human being execute not understand just how to accessibility the Android clipboard. If you host the very same question, then you can review the adhering to paragraphs to solve the problem with ease.

Tip 1. Launch text messperiods app on Android

Turn on your Android phone or tablet. Later, open up message message application on your digital tool. You have the right to check out different names on various Android models favor Messperiods, Messenger, Text Messperiods and Android Messages.

Step 2. Create a new message message

Choose the include symbol on the peak ideal corner of your display. Then you have the right to enter into a brand-new message message web page. Hold and press the empty message field. You can check out "Paste" and "Clipboard" choices.

Step 3. Access the clipboard on your Android phone

Before clearing clipboard on Android phone, you deserve to pick "Paste" to check the current clipboard content. Well, click "Clipboard" to find all obtainable items.


For Samsung customers, you deserve to long press the customizable vital on your keyboard. Then pick "Clipboard" to display clipboard contents on Android successfully.

Additionally, you deserve to access clipboard in various other messaging or chatting apps as well, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts.

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Part 3: How to Clear Clipboard on Android

Just as above stated, you have accessed all Android clipboard contents already. During this time, you can carry out few clicks to clear clipboard Android tablet completely or individually.

Tip 1. Locate Android clipboard clear options

After you have actually uncovered the clipboard content, click the "Clear" button on the lower best corner. You deserve to view two options of "Delete from clipboard" and "Lock to clipboard".

Step 2. Clear clipboard on Android phone programmatically

Choose "Delete from clipboard" to delete a clipboard item from your Android phone. If you desire to clear all Android clipboard contents, then you deserve to click "Delete All" option on the optimal of the clipboard directly.


In enhancement, you can pin clips to the top of your clipboard. And you can also long press and also drag up or dvery own the specific clip in the clipboard repertoire manually.

Part 4: Samsung Galaxy Clipboard Crash Problem

Many kind of human being complain that Samsung Galaxy gadgets are quickly running into overcrowded clipboard issues. As an outcome, the Android phone will reboot or even stuck to the particular display screen for a long time. Thanks to the combicountry of Touch Wiz software program, Android 3.0 or better and keyboards execute a better task than the original Samsung key-board. Therefore, you can alleviate the possibility of Samsung Galaxy clipboard crash problems by updating. So you deserve to obtain an additional means to resolve the trouble instead of clearing clipboard on Android phone only.

Actually, eexceptionally keyboard has actually its own folder produced by the Android operating system. In the majority of situations, you cannot accessibility non-Samsung keyboard folders without rooting. And these folders can get crashed quickly. Fortunately, this problem deserve to be addressed by an OTA (Over the Air) technological software program upday. Thus, when you run right into the Samsung clipboard crash difficulty, you deserve to update to the latest version to have actually a try initially.


Wrapping Up

Additionally, there are many surprise attributes around clipboard you might not understand. For instance, execute you alert that tright here is the "Lock to clipboard" choice under the clipboard list? Actually, once you click this choice, the selected clip will certainly be bound to the Android clipboard permanently. Therefore, following time you want to usage this item, you deserve to find it in the clipboard quickly. And you can additionally select "Unlocked" to rerelocate this clip whenever you want.

In enhancement, you deserve to likewise rotate to one great clipboard app for assist. There are many excellent Android clipboard apps gave from Google Play Store prefer Clip Stack, Clipboard Actions and even more. You are able to create boundless clips. And you deserve to get even more features to copy, paste, check out, modify and merge any clip.

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Well, that's all for just how to clear clipboard on Android phone and associated tips and also tricks. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have actually any kind of difficulty. And you can additionally share your suffer or put forward any type of constructive idea in the comments listed below.