How to check sata version windows 10

I have freshly bought the ASUS N550JV-DB71 and I am planning on replacing the Bluray Drive through an SSD. Is tright here any type of means that I can confirm whether the BD Drive is linked through a SATA 2 or a SATA 3 port?It would certainly help in determining where to attach the SSD.

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I have actually come across this answer which instructs how it may be done on Ubuntu but would certainly favor a solution for Windows.If one does not exist, would it be feasible to recognize this information making use of an Ubuntu or SLAX live disc?



A regime referred to as HWiNFO have the right to display screen the interfaces of your system"s HDDs (tough disk drives) and ODDs (optical disk drives). You deserve to get it here:

Tright here is even a portable application so you don"t have to install it.

Look in the "drives" box to watch the corresponding interface.


Edit, (from different user, Rasmus): This reflects the bandwidth for the hard drive/SSD/hybrid disk installed! Not the motherboard itself. You can view the summary under this program; "Drives", sub-catagory: "Interface" - "Model". Use a program favor SiSoftware Sandra (freeware/trial) or PC Wizard (freeware) to examine the actual support of your SATA interchallenge. SATA 600 (MBs) (3/III) or 300 (MBs) (2/II).

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If you have actually a SATA II difficult drive installed in your computer, this regime (HWiNFO) will show "Interface" --> 3 Gb/s (300 MBs) under the category "Drives", but if you usage the regimen "SiSoftware Sandra", you will see under "Mainboard" that the "Maximum SATA Mode" under "Disk Controller" is "SATA600" or SATA III / 6Gb/s (600MBs). If you usage COMPUTER Wizard 2014 (instance version), you will certainly see that, under "Drives" --> "Number of Disk Controllers",the bandwidth will certainly be "6 Gb/s", however if you click on "Number of Hard Disk",you will certainly check out that the "Serial ATA Version" is "2.0 - (SATA-300)" for the hard drive.

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This is the instance on my lappeak, wbelow I have an old 2.5-inch 320 GB tough drive set up, which has actually SATA II (3 Gbs/300 MBs); yet the software(when you look under the right section) reflects that the disk controller for the computer system supports SATA III (6 Gbs/600 MBs).