How to change order of songs in itunes album

I have moved all of my songs over to my new ipod. Several of the songs in an album are in the wrong order. A little frustrating if you"re used to the album. Does anyone recognize how to replace the order of the songs?

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What is the number column? In iTunes? I tried to drag the songs in the order I want them in iTunes however it will not let me store them tright here. The songs aren"t in the order they are on the album.
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Left hand also side next to name, click at the height of it iTunes Tutorial
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Given the adaptability of iTunes in sorting, more definition about your problem is necessary to avoid the "twenty questions" scenario. However before, if you have actually navigated to the "Artist" listing on iPod, then the individual tracks on each discrete album will certainly be presented as the song tag data dictates. That is, if the song tag matches the album, then the iPod list will as well. But then, I"m not certain if you are looking at a playlist produced in the time of a rip, a downloaded album from iTMS, and so on Does this help?
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IPod just follows iTunes" order. So you have to arvariety your songs from iTunes and also sync aget. Just clicking any peak colums will adjust the song orders. It"s like toggle switch. If you click "Album", then all songs will be sorted as "Album" order (alphabetical), click aacquire then you"ll gain backward "Album" order.
Thanks for the replies. I put songs onto the ipod making use of itunes. Some of the songs on an album I didn"t put at the very same time. For instance radiohead "son a". I currently have actually all of the songs for that album on my ipod, but they are not in the order that they are on the album. Can I rearselection the order they are in the ipod making use of itunes?
You need to ensure that the track information has the correct track number for each song. In the Artists menu on the iPod, Artists are in aplhabetical order.. then Albums in A-Z order within those Artists.. then individual songs on the album are sorted by track number. To replace songs, you must adjust the track numbers in iTunes.
Thats the answer. Now, is there a much less time consuming means to enter those track numbers in the id tags, or will certainly i be up all night?!

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Once you have actually rearranged the songs in iTunes on your PC, the transforms will certainly be moved as soon as you upday your iPod. By the means, you"d be better posting iTunes inquiries in the iTunes forum
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