How to change contributing artist windows 10

I try to edit the tags of MP3 records and I uncovered that some of the file cannot be edited.

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Here"s the procedure as soon as I edit the indevelopment of the MP3 file:

Right click the MP3 file in Windows Explorer and click Properties.Switch to "Details" tab and also then edit the MP3 information, such as Title, Artist and Composer.

This is the message that I acquire if I try to conserve it:

"An unsupposed error is keeping you from using properties to the file. If you continue to obtain this error, you have the right to use the error code to search for assist through this problem.

Error 0x8007000D: The data is invalid.

May I know why this happens and also whether there is any solution for the same?



There"s 2 options I"d look at seriously. Firstly, if you"re persuaded there"s major problems via the tag, mp3diags could carry out a great job addressing it. Naturally review the big red and also yellow print, and keep backups prior to utilizing a regimen that provides comprehensive changes to your papers.

The other would be to use a specialized tag editor - I usage mp3tag a lot to perform your tag editing and enhancing, assuming its simply windows being silly. I"d usage this anymeans to control papers because its a lot simpler than making use of explorer for huge numbers of papers.


I had the exact same problem, not being able to modify my MP3 information.

I used MP3tag to settle the issue (if you do not have it, then use this link MP3tag Free Download to download and install - its cost-free and bug free)

1 - Open the MP3 through MP3tag 2 - Right clicked on the MP3 (a pop-up food selection will appear) 3 - Select "Rerelocate Tag" to rerelocate the tag4 - Save

Now you can modify your MP3 with no trouble.


I have had actually the exact same difficulty and found its due to Windows incapacity to review ID3 V2.4 meta tags. The simplest strategy I have found to resolve (that does not involve re-encoding) is to usage tag modifying software application such as ID3-TagIT 3 to adjust them back to v2.3.

See more: Localizedresourcename=@ Systemroot System32 Shell32.Dll -21787

The method to execute this making use of this software application is to open up the album folder in the software program and also pick all the papers.From the peak menu"s pick Extended Functions > Transfer/Convert TagsIn the food selection that appears click Convert TAG Ver. 2.4 to Ver 2.3 (Ensure all check boxes are ticked EXCEPT Do not overwrite existing TAG entries) which deserve to remain unticked...

Having gone round in circles on reasoning it was "review only" properties on the folder pergoals learning this has been extremely useful!


Based on the indevelopment you have actually provided:

After some research I found various other individuals enduring the very same problem:

I do not know your precise circumstances however the general difficulty appears to lie in the metafile.

The basic solution seems to be either open up up the mp3 file in some type of sound editor (for instance... Audicity). Then reconserve (Save As ---> mp3).


Convert all your records to .wav then ago to mp3.

Additionally, freeware is easily accessible to aid adjust the file details. If you searched Google through your error code you will certainly find plenty of resources. –cworner1 Jun 6 "13 at 11:09
I had actually this problem through many my MP3 records, my solution is to use an audio converter. I provided EZ CD Audio Converter which is not cost-free I you ask, however I guess other audio converters deal with the problem. simply transform them to the very same format and quality they are. This fixes the difficulty.

I have had troubles using values to properties in Properties dialog. In file manager, some or every one of the worths such as Artist, album and so on were blank and might not be edited. This was caused by decompushing RAR archives with lengthy file names which seems to corrupt the records in some way. My solution was re-name RAR archive to brief name and also re-decompush.

Here"s my quick fix:

Rename the file to somepoint shorterRight click and click propertiesUninspect the Read only box at the bottomClick ApplyRemove and re-include to iTunes, now you can now edit all the papers information
You might have ID3v2.4 tag in that file.

See more: Zerto Installer Popup, Zerto Element Not Found Exception From Hresult 0X80070490

Tbelow is no v2.4 support in Windows Media Player 10 and also older.

Tags in Windows are taken on by library mounted through Windows Media Player)

Tbelow are few solutions:

update your Windows Media Player 11 (if possible)


find some application that handles ID3 v2.4


remove ID3v2 tag (in Winamp or AIMP or any type of other app)
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