How to alphabetize in openoffice writer

I am having trouble through sorting a list of items alphabetically utilizing the sort attribute in writer. When I usage the attribute it seems to rearselection the items somewhat yet they still aren" in alphabetical order:

C:fakepathAlphabetical order sorting worry.odt

Please note that each line of message in the list has been separated utilizing change + enter Which should make the list react as a paragraph for sorting objectives.

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Sindicate select the paragraphs you desire to type and also click Tools | Sort The default settings will probably be all you have to type alphabetically ascending.

Bump re comment; again

You have actually a combination of paragraphs (reverse P symbol) and also line breaks in the sample document - you can check out this by toggling View | Non-printing Characters.

Sort only functions on paragraphs, not lines separated by a line break.

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I tried that and oddly the message was rearranged somewhat however still isn" in alphabetical order ascfinishing or descfinishing.

I have actually edited my question, having added an attachment mirroring the outcome of the list when I performed the following action to sort it:pick totality paragraph, then devices > sort then pick ok.

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I tried the "" section in an initiative to figure this out yet still not certain exactly how to fix the worry, could you walk me through? That" be great.

Tright here seems to be no readjust to your question, nor an attachment. Can you maybe reattempt additionally via a sample of data prior to sorting?Keep in mind also that kind operates on paragraphs, not lines.

Edit: perhaps try a document sharing website like dropbox and also short article the URL.


The factor the attachment wasn" included is I was having actually trouble reopening/editing and enhancing the question (apparently I required someone else to perform it for me as I couldn" do it myself because of my karma rating) and also had already left my previous comment saying I had actually edited it, intending to edit it directly after.

Now that I can edit it again I have actually included the attachment.

Ahh, so I have been doing it the exact wrong method around- utilizing line breaks as soon as I need to have actually provided a sepaprice paragraph for each line.This additionally explains why component of the list was alphabetized, whereas other components weren" guideline around view > non-printing characters as well, many thanks.

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Hello appreciatethehelp, you might execute the following:

1) choose the lines of text that you want to be sorted in alphabetical order,2) select the food selection " to Table..." in the dialog alternative team " Text At", choose the alternative "" and click "" select the entire table column, and choose the food selection "" the default kind order is already alphabetical so you can click OK at when,6) after that convert the table back to text lines by selecting the food selection " To Text"
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Thank you, but that" a pretty long-winded method of doing it, would much choose a shorter way.

It functions but appears unnecessarily convoluted

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