How to add more sata ports to motherboard

I have asus z97-k motherboard, it has actually 6 sata ports and also i am using all ports and now i desire to add even more inner hard drives so I desire to know that tbelow is any type of possibility to boost sata ports by any kind of development card or by something else? Please aid me this will certainly be incredibly useful.

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Posted August 19, 2016

Wouldn"t it be better to offpack your old hard drives" documents onto one or two bigger hard drives? It would save you a PCIe slot and would more than likely also save you some grief later on when you run out of ports aobtain.

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Your motherboard has an x16 slot for the video card, a 2nd x16 pci-expush slot that"s electrically just x4 and two x1 slots.


You deserve to plug an x4 card or an x8 card right into an x16 slot without difficulties, the slots are designed that method.


You"re trying to find SATA controller cards on PCI Expush slots. You have the right to buy one that provides any type of type of pci expush slot (x4 , x8 or x16) because it will fit in your second x16 slot however given that that slot is electrically only x4 (has only sufficient signal wires inside the slot to deliver information at x4 speeds) you shouldn"t emphasis on a certain controller just bereason it claims it supplies a pci-express x16 connector. In fact, you should actually aim for one that offers x4 or x8 bereason it"s more most likely to be even more compatible with the limitation of the second slot.

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Here"s an instance of mini-SAS to 4x SATA cable :


But choose the above man sassist, possibly you"re better off buying a high capacity drive (3-4 TB) to replace a pair of your older lower capacity drives.