How to add comments to folders in windows 10

If John T."s tip is "as well complicated", you might use HOBComment ShellExtension:

HOBComment is a Windows Explorer shell extention that allows you to right-click to add a comment to a folder; it will certainly also allow to carry out the same to add comments to papers on your NTFS partitions.

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Also available: HOBComment Explorer Extension (GUI & command also line)



Jitendra vyas - you're welcome. btw, this additionally functions for papers which very handy as well. –Molly7244 Feb 3 "10 at 2:06
Jitendra vyas - you'll need the traveler extension if you desire to include the "File/Folder Comment" column to windows traveler via View > Choose Details ... as checked out in the display swarm my various other answer –Molly7244 Feb 3 "10 at 12:52
Right-click the folder and select Properties.From the Properties dialog box, select the Customize tab, and also then click the Change Icon button.In the Change Icon dialog box, pick an icon from the selections and also click OK.Click OK to cshed the Properties dialog box.Open the folder, situate the Deskpeak.ini file, and also double-click it.Add InfoTip= to the end of the Deskpeak.ini file and also form your comprehensive summary instantly after the = sign.Go to Documents -> Save and also close Notepad.You"ll watch your in-depth pop-up description the next time you float the mouse over that certain folder.

If you"d choose to save the normal folder symbol, you deserve to simply pick it from the selection once transforming the symbol, it is the specific same:




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