How to add a network printer windows xp

This short article will present you how to add a printer that is not in the residence halls or a public lab.

If you desire to install among the printers in the Residence Halls, please view Residence hall printers. If you desire to install printers for the various other public labs, (choose Romeo or Juliet in the Library) please watch Academic printers.

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Finding Printer Information

Managed Printers

See a list of controlled printers here: Fleet List


Find the printer name by searching:for its IP addressby looking for the DNS Name (instance NH1%p% will uncover all the printers in Nobel Hall on the first floor) in the usernameby typing "printer" in the comments field, and also choosing the departpsychological vlan.Remember, hostnames are gotten in in the format of: Printer" is the preferred method of adding a printer.IP AddressIf for some reason you are not able to find the hostname, or are unable to add the printer via hostname, gather its IP attend to either by browsing on greg, or collecting it from the printers configuration page.To print a configuration web page, go to the physical printer, hit the food selection selection butlots till Publish Config Page display screens on the small LCD screen.Hit the "OK" switch, and the web page will print.

Install Process

Windows XP

Click Start->Printers and also Faxes (Windows XP). This is also in the regulate panel.Click Add a printer.Select Local printer attached to this computer (XP).Select Create a brand-new port: and also pick Standard TCP/IP port from the pop down.Click Next.Windows XP will launch a wizard to add the TCP/IP Port.Click Next.Go into the hostname or IP address of the printer.If Windows is unable to uncover the printer, make certain it is on and also that the hostname is correct.Click finish.Select the driver from the list or click Have Disk if the driver is not in the list. You have the right to inspect \winsoftdrivers or the manufacturer"s webwebsite for the drivers.Get in a name for the printer.Do not share the printer.Print a test web page to make certain it mounted properly.

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Windows Vista/7

Click Start->Devices and Printers (Vista/7).Right click everywhere in the window and also choose Add Printer.Click Add Local Printer.Select Create new port.Then pick typical TCP/IP port from the list.

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Click Next.Get in the hostname or IP resolve of the printer in the hostname box.Make sure query the printer and also automatically choose the driver to use is selected.Click Next.If the driver is not uncovered and also this is a HP printer, select HP->Universal Printing PS (v5.4).Windows will now attempt to number out the driver. If it has the correct driver, it will pick it for you. If it doesn"t you will certainly should suggest it to the correct driver. You may should download it from the manufacturers webwebsite.Get in the name for the printer.Select Do not share this printer.Click Next.Click Finish.Publish a test web page to make certain it is setup effectively.

More Setup

In order to collection print choices such as duplex/single print and to collection a printer as the default printer:

Go to Devices and also PrintersRight click the newly-installed printerTo set printer as default, click Set as default printerTo set printer choices such as default orientations, peras per sheet, and also duplex printing, click Printing preferences
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