How old is my yahoo account

I"m trying to estimate how old my Yahoo! account is, however I can not discover this indevelopment everywhere on my profile. Any principle on where this could be displayed or a way to guess it? Unfortunately, there"s no old mail tbelow to aid me estimating it.

(It"s the initially account I"ve registered, ever, so I"m curious :D)

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Go to:

and also click "Profile" on the left-hand also side navigating. It will bring up your Yahoo! Profile page. In the top right-hand also edge, there is some small text that claims Member since: ab/cd/efgh.


You have to get right into the privacy dashboard to see this indevelopment now.

To carry out this, go to your account → Preferences and click on the Privacy Dashboard attach under MY LOCATIONS. There, under YOUR ACCOUNTYour products, the initially box have to present you the date given that you are a member.



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Go to this link. It will certainly create the complying with query for the Yahoo database:

choose * from social.profile wright here guid=meClick the "Test" switch and also it will certainly rerotate some XML. Then find (ctrl+F) the tag called MemberDue to the fact that and you"ve obtained your day.


Luk They deleted the e-mails many most likely due to lack of task for a long period of time. I encoutered this issue too via my Hotmail account. –user15457 Dec 8 "11 at 21:27

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