How often should you clean your computer

Did You Even Know You Should Clean Your Computer?

Many world wash their clothing after wearing them a pair of times. Most wash their bed sheets eincredibly week or two. Many civilization wash their cars, their hair, their dishes. They vacuum their carpets, and also clean their toilets. Those very same people practically never clean their computer. You wouldn’t let the dirt and also grime develop up inside your vehicle that you usage eincredibly day, so why let it develop up inside your computer? But have actually you ever before wondered, “exactly how frequently must I clean my computer?”

The short answer is: around every 6 to 9 months. Read on as iDoctor, your computer repair resource in Billings, Montana describes the longer answer.

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Why Should I Clean My Computer?


Use the vacuum on the outside of the computer only. Putting it inside the computer can generate static electricity which will damage some of the breakable components. Vacuum off all the dust, hair, and debris on the external of the machine.

Remove the panel so you have accessibility to the internal components. Using compressed air (you can buy it in a deserve to or usage an air compressor) blow the dust off the interior components. You might want to execute this external, or have the vacuum running adjacent in order to suck up all the dust as it flies out.

An important note is that you don’t desire to have the ability to relocate anything yet the dust through the air. So store the nozzle ago at least 18 inches. When blowing off a fan, usage your finger or a piece of plastic (a straw works well) to keep the knives from spinning during cleaning.

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You shouldn’t should usage any kind of cleaning options on your machine. If somepoint has been spilled and dried on the inside, we recommfinish brining it in so we can inspect to make certain it have the right to be cleaned. If you desire to attempt to clean it, use a lightly dampened microfiber fabric. Never before usage ammonia, Windex, or other cleaning remedies.

Let iDoctor Assistance with Your Computer Repairs

Most of the moment a little dust isn’t going to influence your computer. However, if you let your computer go for a year, two, or 3 without cleaning it out, then it have the right to acquire bogged dvery own. This can finish up bring about damage.

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If you require aid cleaning your computer system, or if your computer has been damaged, our computer repair technicians are right here to aid. Just offer us a speak to at 406-534-2547 for our West End Store, or 406-206-3437 for our Heights keep to see as soon as the finest time is to carry it in.