How hot can a gpu get before damage

Hello, I have actually an ASUS GTX 1080Ti, and it only has actually one fan, so it gets exceptionally hot once it runs games such as Fortnite. The average temperature is about 85C. I was wondering if it can damage my GPU and also make it run sreduced through it running at such high temperatures all the moment.


My card:


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Founders edition?


Usually speaking pascal cards lower clocks slightly at 60c, and also then go into complete throttling mode at 80c because 92c is fundamentally maximum spec operating temperature. 

Heat is the best killer of the majority of PC components. 

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yah foracquired about the founders edition,if you are under warranty attempt to obtain it reput or if you are brave enough you could attempt to replace the thermal compound

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It isn"t the Founders Edition, its just a pre-built from Cyberpower and also its the cheapest one bereason it only has actually 1 fan so if I acquire a replacement I feel choose its still going to be overheating favor it is.So, as you males have said it is the best killer of COMPUTER Parts so, exactly how lengthy execute you think I have actually before it starts to slow down or even break? is the card I have actually.

how long is a item of string? It will certainly definitely die prior to a unit that"s running at 60c (assuming both are of equal build quality, and also connected to a steady power supply, running the same load), but then if the various other parts like the memory and also VRMs are maintained cold probably it will certainly run for an extremely lengthy time a reduced speed. It"s listed below Nvidia"s quoted "warmth death" temp of 92c, since the Founders Edition cards average approximately 82c and start to throttle. 


How long prior to it will start to slow-moving dvery own is a different question, since speed varies based upon load, heat and power. So the exact same GPU deserve to run at different speeds dependant on if any type of of these factors readjust from day 1 out of the manufacturing facility and not be broken. Stress trial and error will reduced clock speeds as the temps increase, yet the the GPU will rate back up as soon as no much longer under the stress and anxiety test. 


My cards run at around 65-70c under complete load, and also also they shed roughly 25hz when the temp pushes previous 60c, yet it goes back up to that speed once the temperature goes below 60c again for lengthy sufficient. 


GPU rise will not enable your GPU to kill itself instantly via any kind of reasonable cooling solution.