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Q: I am having trouble via WordPad in Windows 7.

It’s set up to offer me two lines in between sentences. How have the right to I change it to give me one line in between sentences?

A: With Windows 7, Microsoft readjusted the menus in both Paint and also WordPad. Instead of the acquainted pull-down menus along the program’s top, the programs now sport a big button-filled bar well-known as a “ribbon menu.” Some civilization love the new menus, others hate them. But love ’em or hate ’em, they call for some figuring out before you deserve to get some job-related done.

To readjust the line spacing in WordPad, look for the “line-spacing” switch on the menu bar. (The computer mouse pointer aims for it in the screenshot listed below.)


When you click the button, a food selection shows up (left), letting you change the line spacing to meet your demands.

Tip: To check out the function of any type of menu button, rest your computer mouse guideline over it. A box appears, giving an explacountry of what that switch accomplishes.

Update: But what, you might ask, if you want to remove that blank line that WordPad locations between paragraphs? To perform that, pick the last option from the line-spacing menu: “Add 10pt room after paragraphs.” That removes the checkmark, telling WordPad to sheight placing the extran area between paragraphs.

Tip: To soptimal WordPad from adding in its blank line after your present paragraph, hold dvery own the Change crucial while pushing Get in. WordPad starts the following paragraph instantly after the initially, without including an added line. That trick comes in handy once developing tables or charts, for instance.

One more tip: To adjust your spacing without bothering through the menus, use some of WordPad’s many type of key-board shortcuts:

Ctrl+1 Set single line spacingCtrl+2 Set double line spacingCtrl+5 Set line spacing to 1.5

Update: If you’re exhausted of utilizing WordPad’s integrated workabout tools, the HoldKey website offers a small registry tweak program that fixes the line-spacing trouble.

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Comment from PeterTime December 7, 2009 at 2:21 pm

It would certainly be excellent to disable the line spacing all together, so that new papers don’t have the spacing between lines…

Comment from JimTime December 3, 2010 at 10:56 pm

Well, my Anti-Virus routine just claimed my old C-WordPad program to be malware .So, I assumed I would give Windows 7 WordPad one more shot.It’s not looking excellent so far .

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I agree, I HATE automatic, unchangeable preferences.Once I set it, it need to STAY that means until I readjust it .What’s so hard about altering the regisattempt ?Do you actually have some reg data available ?Providing a .Reg file for the squeamish is a easy, no-brainer solution .I have actually over 100 reg tweaks, just to make Windows occupational as it should .I’ll take a look to check out if it’s conveniently decipherable .Thanks for considering this option .

Comment from JimTime December 5, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Tbelow doesn’t seem to be any kind of means to attachor post files right here , so I’ll simply dump the instructions in one message .

Windows-7 WordPad fix

The freshly revamped WordPad has a really annoying trait,there’s no “Preferences” food selection per-se .Eextremely time you open an old record to edit, or produce a brand-new one,ALL the settings go ago to the built-in default settings .

Fortunately, the “Templates System” is still there in the New WordPad .

Here’s a way I uncovered that alters the default Preferences .

1)Create a new “Rich Text Document” in a blank area on your desktop computer .Name the new rtf file : ” New Rich Text Document.rtf ” ,(this is the normal, default name, so just don’t adjust the name )Adjust all the choices to your liking .( Once I’m done, I like to host down the Return crucial for a couple of seconds,this will put 30 or 40 invisible blank lines into your new document,once this is done, you have the right to easily paste stuff right into any type of position on the web page )

This will certainly be your brand-new Starting Template for New rtf records .It additionally will be the default settings provided by WordPad to modify existing papers .So, if you open an existing file, that was made a while earlier,regardmuch less of the settings used when that file was made,your brand-new preferences will be automatically used to any type of editing and enhancing you carry out .

After your all done, cshed and also save transforms,then, best click the brand-new rtf file, and also go to “Properties” ,currently click “Read Only” , then “Ok” .

2)Now comes the tricky component, the male who initially figured this out musthave actually had somepoint different around his computer,his had actually a folder called “C:WindowsShellNew ” ,mine didn’t have that folder, so I had actually to produce a brand-new one,Windows didn’t like the idea ,So, simply a heads-up, if you don’t currently have this folder,you will need to change some defense settings,this is typically a very confutilizing process,even though I’ve done it million times it’s still a huge pain in the rear .

I don’t recognize if this trick will work-related if you area the Template elsewhere .Wouldn’t hurt to attempt, however it could not acquire an outcome .

“C:WindowsShellNew” is wright here you must Cut and Paste yourbrand-new “New Rich Text Document.rtf” file that you just made,according to the man that found this solution .

3)Next off,Make a brand-new “Text Document” ( a txt file ) .

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Copy and also Paste the complying with right into your brand-new txt file :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00“FileName”=”New Rich Text Document.rtf”

Close and also save the file .Rename it to rtf.txt

Most human being have their file extensions surprise, this is the default setting .To turn on file extensions, open up “My Computer” or “Windows Explorer”,go to “Tools”… “Folder Options”… “View”… ,Un-Check “Hide Expansions for Knvery own Documents Types” .Now you will be able to watch, and readjust,file extensions anywhere on your computer system,however best now, you just need to adjust the extension on theTXT file you just made to rtf.reg

After the new “Template” file,( New Rich Text Document.rtf , with all preferences set the method you prefer them )is successfully moved to C:WindowsShellNew ,then execute rtf.reg (double click it) .