How do i connect my motorola phone to my computer?

Your deserve to use Phone Portal (MPP) to connect your phone and computer with a cable or a Wi-Fi network.

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When you attach your phone or kind the MPP URL right into your computer"s web browser, you"ll view the MPP house display.


Note: MPP works ideal through Internet Explorer 7 or more recent, with JavaScript and also cookies enabled.

Connect through a Wi-Fi network

Note: Most public Wi-Fi netfunctions (favor the ones at coffee shops) don"t let gadgets attach to each various other. In that case, you need a USB cable connection.


Phone Portal

If your phone is linked to a Wi-Fi netoccupational, it mirrors an MPP URL. Use a computer on the network to enter the URL in a browser. It opens up the MPP home screen!


Tip: When your phone"s Wi-Fi is on, it automatically reconnects to nearby networks it has supplied. To rotate Wi-Fi on or off, touch Menu > Settings > Wiremuch less & networks > Wi-Fi

If your phone is not connected to a Wi-Fi netjob-related, it asks you to attach. Touch OK to open the Wi-Fi settings display screen, then revolve on Wi-Fi and touch a network to affix.

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For network-related passwords, ask other network users or administrators. For your phone"s MAC address and also Wi-Fi details, touch Menu > Advanced.

When your phone is associated (

shows up in the status bar), touch Back
to close the settings. Soon, MPP mirrors a URL at the bottom of your display. Using a computer on the same Wi-Fi netoccupational, simply kind the URL right into the browser to open up the MPP home screen!

Connect via a USB cable

Turn on your phone and computer system and also connect them with a USB-to-micro USB cable.


Your computer system might overview you through installing drivers.

Once your computer has actually the correct chauffeurs, it opens the MPP homepage in your browser. A icon appears in your task bar, in the lower right of your computer display.

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If you have Media Link, it will certainly launch instead of MPP. To usage MPP, right-click in your task bar, pick "when the phone connects, launch" and also pick MPP. Disattach and also reconnect your phone to launch MPP.