Hdmi tv only shows desktop background

I newly hooked up my COMPUTER to my Samsung LN32A550 over HDMI. For some reason when I readjust my input to HDMI 2, it only display screens the background photo (or Dreamscene) of my COMPUTER. What settings execute I need to adjust Nvidia Control Panel?


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It sounds to me favor it"s utilizing the TV as a second monitor, not just a mirror of the primary one. I would check the pane where you set screen resolution / monitor place in your desktop computer properties, tbelow might be an choice tright here.

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In the NVidia manage panel, tright here is a section referred to as "Set up multiple displays", tbelow may be an choice tright here as to exactly how you desire to use the 2 display screens.

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Your right, I switched one establishing it operated. The just point is, the sound was still coming out of my PC"s speakers, anyway to change that?

Only if you"re somehow giving sound output to the video card in order for it to merge it into the HDMI. Many cards that can send audio over HDMI call for you to run a physical cable from your audio output card to the video card.

Yes, I presently have a SPDIF cable running from my GTX 280 to my motherboard"s SPDIF connector. If I have it hooked up why isn"t it working?

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I noticed you solved your trouble as I was previewing my post. As for your second trouble, you"re going to need an audio cable splitter choose this. Hook it approximately your COMPUTER + TV and you must hear it from your TV"s speakers. I think that need to occupational though I"m not 100% sure.

I"m getting aid over at the AVS forums from a male that appears to know whatever. Here is what he said:

You have to go right into your regulate panels, then "Sound". Under the "playback" tab, you"ll want to pick one that looks choose it could be the SPDIF (on my computer, it"s dubbed "Realtek Digital Output"). Set that as the default gadget, then restart whatever before application you desire sound from

Hey males, I noticed one point. Even once I set my monitor to be the just thing detected, on startup (for short article and also Asus screen) the TV picks up the signal immediately. What"s up?

Hey guys, I noticed one thing. Even once I set my monitor to be the only point detected, on startup (for article and Asus screen) the TV picks up the signal instantly. What"s up?

You are setting the alternatives in Windows not on the actual card itself (and also no way to adjust either), that"s the default behaviour as soon as the video card gets initialized in the time of the POST procedure until the OS tons the driver and also tells the card what to carry out.

I"m gaining assist over at the AVS forums from a male that seems to recognize every little thing. Here is what he said:

It functioned, so for anybody later having worries, try that. :p

Yep, HDMI is a digital signal. As such, your sound card (or onboard chip) hregarding be collection to Digital not Analog output.

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But it appears that you"ve acquired that component operated out currently. :p

I perform have an upday on this article males. For some factor as soon as I unpacked and setup whatever here in my dorm I noticed something with the TV. When I watch stuff (on the TV via the PC) I do not also have to change anything in audio choices, I gain sound via the TV and the PC"s speakers. If I readjust it to simply SPDIF out though, it just comes through the TV. I don"t recognize if that is simply bereason of my new sound card (X-Fi XtremeGamer) or what, yet it takes ameans a bit of the hassle I guess.