H-rs880-uatx bios

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So I"m a tiny over my head right here. I have actually a regimen that monitors my HDD"s yet my controller/motherboard requirements updating.

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This regime is a couple years old and also it was doing a good task of security my HDD"s, as a matter of truth it warned me of an impending faientice which saved my butt, however a recent virus brought about me to need to execute a fresh-reinstall of W7 and also now the indevelopment isnt accessible because the updated motorists I had actually installed were overcomposed.So I have actually a H-Rs880-UATX (Aloe) Motherboard produced by Foxconn and also on their site in attempting to get updated chauffeurs it asks:ProductPlatformSocketChipsetBut I haven"t discovered a method to identify what the socket is and what the chipcollection is. Could someone help me identify this?Not also impressed with Foxconns bare bones website.

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Rich that comes up as an HP compaq machine https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=h...&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=QeO3VPDZHIGE7gaO0ICACQ
Thanks for the quick reply. While the Am2 chipcollection is in the dropdown menu at Foxconn downlaod assist, the AMD 785G is not. After answering the dropdvery own question of Socket? and providing the answer Am2 the following dropdown question of Chipset? Does not sell the answer of AMD 785GThe only AMD answers accessible are AMD 690G and also AMD 690V.Foxconn Support - FAQHandsome dog by the way!

Then you may uncover any kind of chipset driver on the HP assistance pperiods for your model, Foxcon might have actually made the board especially for HP.
Thanks for the replies.HP is of no assist. I have actually surfed their website to no avail. They sell the original motorists yet no updays. They prompted me to DL a tool to study my PC for configuration and also applicable updates yet the tool repetitively stops working and also I"m brought ago to the original motorists page.MPR, Yes you"re correct around the chipcollection, however the combination of socket Am2 and chipcollection AMD 785G is not a valid combination at Foxconn"s "support" page.Kinda stuck I guess
I have multiple HDD"s and each of them have actually the SATA controller mode set to RAID though I dont have them in a RAID configuration at all, they are all sepaprice. I view that via BIOS I can change them to either an IDE or AHCI configuration. Is that somepoint I would certainly desire to do? I guess I had much better Google those explanations. I dont recognize why the default establishing is RAID if I"m not using them in that configuration.The HDD"s monitoring software website provides updated drives for:AMD RAID controller RAID mode
AMD SATA AHCI controllerTo allow the HDD"s to report SMART info. And within those classes the complying with are offered: version: 3.2.1540.92 (Windows 7 32/64 bit)version: 3.2.1540.92 (Windows 7 64 bit)version: 11.8 (chipset) (Windows XP 32/64 bit)version: 11.2 (chipset) (Windows 7 32/64 bit) Kinda hard to recognize what to DL