Grey rectangle on screen windows 10

I experience sometimes this worry on my Windows 7 laptop: after the Windows GUI has actually finiburned booting, a small grey rectangle shows up on the height left of the display screen.

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It stays in front of anypoint I drag over (Deskheight, application windows, etc.), except the computer mouse reminder which goes in front of the rectangle. Logging out and in aget fixes the difficulty.

On forums about the internet world discovered various reasons for this problem: Catalyst Control Center, Razer Synapse, Dell Back-up & Rekeep Manager, and also so on. In my instance, none of these use.

Anyone knows whether there is a common cause for this issue?



It is probably intended to be a "hidden" home window from a shoddily composed application. To number out which procedure it belongs to, download Process Explorer, a wonderful diagnostic tool from Sysinternals.

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Run the regimen and accept the EULA, no installation forced. In the toolbar tbelow is an icon that looks prefer a targain, titled "Find Window"s Process." Click and also drag from that symbol to the gray area. When you release the computer mouse, Process Explorer will certainly highlight the process that owns the home window.

The Description and also Company type of Name columns might help identify the responsible application, or you might just search the Net for the procedure name. Double-clicking the row produces added amazing indevelopment.


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