Gpt-formatted disk legacy boot not supported

Many type of customers have actually reported that when they are formatting a raw room or creating a brand-new partition via the unalsituated space, they observed an error message saying "the selected GPT formatted disk contains a partition which is not of kind "PARTITION_BASIC_DATA_GUID" and is both predelivered and complied with by a partition kind "PARTITION_BASIC_DATA_GUID." 

You would certainly watch such a message is because you have recovered a backup from a smaller sized GPT partition while the location disk was using the MBR partition table. You don"t need to issue around this problem if you are in this dilemma. In the adhering to parts, you will certainly acquire all feasible services to how to deal with the schosen GPT formatted disk partition not of form difficulty.

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How to Fix the Selected GPT Formatted Disk Issue

The factor for this trouble is apparent currently, and also the solution is fairly easy. Converting your disk from GPT to MBR, and also the difficulty is all addressed. There are many accessible techniques for you to conduct the converting process. Three of the many prevalent and the majority of convenient are concluded in this part.

1. Convert GPT to MBR through Partition Master

When managing computer system partition, what you do not want to encounter is information loss. As an outcome, we put the method with no data loss in the initially place: to transform GPT to MBR via Partition Master. This tool is specialized in computer partition administration, and have the right to straight transform GPT to MBR without information wipe and also volume deletion.

Now downpack Partition Master and follow the overview to fix the difficulty of just how to resolve the schosen GPT formatted disk.

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Step 1: Install and open Partition Master on your Windows computer. 




2. Convert GPT to MBR in Disk Management

You can likewise change the partition format in the Disk Management on the computer system. But prior to you conduct this strategy, please make a full backup of your data and close all running programs.

Tip 1. Run as an administrator in Windows. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.


Step 2. Click Disk Management under Storage, right-click a volume and pick Delete Volume. Repeat this operation to delete all your volumes.


Step 3. Right-click the GPT disk that you desire to readjust, and also then click Convert to MBR disk.

3. Convert GPT to MBR through Diskpart Command Prompt

Anvarious other solution you can attempt is to execute the process with the Command also Prompt. This solution also contains volume deletion. Please remember to make backups.

Step 1.

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Run as an administrator, press Victory, and also select "Command Prompt."

Step 2. Type the command diskpart, then form list disk and press Go into.

Tip 3. Then kind select disk 1 if disk 1 is the GPT disk. Once selected the GPT disk, form clean to remove all the data on this disk.

Step 4. Now type convert MBR and push Get in to continue.


When converting procedure is done, kind exit to close Command also Prompt.

The Differences between GPT and also MBR

In instance some users are not familiar with GPT and also MBR, we"d choose to tell you the basic expertise of these 2 terms and also differences in between them.

Both MBR and GPT are partition styles that use to Windows computers. MBR was presented a little bit earlier than GPT. It was first introduced in 1983, while GPT didn"t appear until the late 1990s.

Different Structures

One noticeable difference in between GPT and also MBR is the structure. MBR is composed of 3 parts: grasp boot code, a partition table for the disk, and also the disk signature. GPT has actually a more complex structure, for it has more components than that of MBR. If you desire to know the in-depth information, you deserve to check out MBR vs GPT for better expedition.

Different Partition Amounts

Anvarious other difference is the sustained partition quantities. MBR only supports customers to construct 4 main partitions at most. If you desire to develop even more partitions, you have to produce an extensive one. In a GPT disk, the number of primary partitions is nearly unlimited. On a Windows computer system, you have the right to create a maximum of 128 partitions on a GPT.

Different Boot Mode

The boot mode of theses two partition layouts is various. With an MBR disk, you have to boot your Windows in BIOS mode, also referred to as Legacy boot mode. With a GPT disk, you have the right to only boot your Windows in UEFI mode.

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The Bottom Line

As you deserve to view, to transform a GPT to MBR, the safest and many reputable approach is to look for help from Partition Master. It not only supports convariation in between GPT and also MBR, however additionally supports to transform a basic disk to a dynamic one, switch the file system from FAT32 to NTFS, and adjust a logical partition to a main partition, and so on With Partition Master, partition monitoring will certainly be a lot simpler.