Google terms of service keeps popping up

Before it was possible to use Google via cookies disabled, or with extension Cookie-AutoDelete or something similar.

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For some weeks, this is gone. After each cookie deletion, I obtain a popup that I have to "Accept".

Before you continue

Google offers cookies and also various other information to deliver, maintain, and boost our services and ads. If you agree, we’ll personalize the content and ads you view based on your activity on Google services like Search, Maps, and also YouTube. We additionally have actually partners that meacertain how our services are offered. Click “See more” to testimonial your alternatives or visit anytime.

This means that we are basically compelled to accept the all-mighty google cookie.

This is similar to the "Sign-in to youtube" popup problem

How to stop the "Before you continue" popup while maintaining short-lived throwable Google cookies?

Note: Google Consent out Dialog Remover exists but does not work anymore.

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asked Sep 21 "20 at 18:10

Martin MonperrusMartin Monperrus
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Add the following JavaScript to your browser through an extension (choose Tampermonvital for Chrome, or Firefox):

// ==UserScript==//
name avoid Google"s "before you continue"https://
version 0.2//
summary How to block the annoying “Before you continue” popup on Google?//
author jonas//
provide none//
run-at document-start// ==/UserScript==// This will rerelocate the popup however there are some problems:// Buttons and menus prefer "More", "Tools", and also many kind of others will certainly not workconst style = record.createElement("style");style.innerHTML = /* css */ ` div display: none !important; `;document.head.append(style);// This solves the previous difficulties but it"s more than likely not that great for privacyconst consentMatch = document.cookie.match(/CONSENT=(PENDING|YES)+(d+)/);document.cookie=`CONSENT=YES+$consentMatch ? consentMatch<2> : "0";`;In Tampermonvital, on script Settings page, set Run at to document-begin.

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Just block every one of the cookies for the web page where you view this popup and voilà.



answered Sep 22 "20 at 13:54
Stepan StepanovStepan Stepanov
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In addition to the answer of Stepan, you have the right to also add both domains ( and also into the Google Group Policy settings.You find this establishing under: Google-Google Chrome-Content Settings-Block cookies on these sites.This means you have the right to press this company-wide.Also, once your individuals are making use of google., additionally add these. That helps the regional google site customers.

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Gerrit DoornenbalGerrit Doornenbal
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It appears that the userscript posted right here has quit functioning so here"s a much easier variation that does the trick for me :)

Direct connect to install via tampermonkey: out.user.js

If you have actually suggestions or questions:

// ==UserScript==//
name Google Cookie Consent out Remover//
variation 0.1//
description Remove Google"s annoying cookie consent questions (specifically annoying for Incognito windows)//
writer Wolph//
approve none// ==/UserScript==record.querySelector("div").remove();
answered Apr 4 at 10:15


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