Google chrome your profile could not be opened correctly

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My bookmarks show up to have actually been retained, yet every one of the favicons for them are gone. What did I do? Anyone know just how I deserve to settle it?




I believe this is an concern through a corrupted file; so unfortunately you will need to delete the currently set google profile in Google Chrome.

Quit Google Chrome. Open Terminal. Change brochure (cd) to /Users/user/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/DefaultDelete Web Documents and History files: rm -rf History*; rm -rf Web Data;Start Google Chrome and also the error need to be gone.

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Please see the connect below for complete instructions:



Much simpler than any of this .......uncheck "Let chrome run in background" close and also restart chrome .....The reason is that your profile is still running in bg and also multi instances of exact same user is a nogo

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