Google chrome (2) taskbar

I mounted Google Chrome and also then pinned it to the taskbar, and also it looked like this:


But everytime I click on that icon, a brand-new one appears!


I"ve tried to unpin the initially one on the left, and also then pin the new one on the right, but I can not pin that one bereason tright here is no option to pin it (I translated the options to english):


I"ve tried using various other techniques that incorporate going to C:Users(user name)AppDataRoamingvr-tab-quebec.comNet ExplorerQuick LaunchUser PinnedTaskBar and also C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication but they do not work-related either. If you can, please assist me!

Thank you so a lot :)

I have actually the same question (586)
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A. User
Replied on August 31, 2015


Thank you for posting your query on Community.

I would suggest youtry the complying with procedures and also view if it helps:

Method 1: UnpinGoogle chrome and endrebegin traveler.exe from job manager.

1. Right click on the Taskbar and also selectTask Manager.

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2. Go toProcesses Tab and also discover traveler.exe.

3. Right-Click onExplorer.exe and also select End Task.

4. After some time, click onWindows essential + R to go to the run command and type "traveler.exe" and click enter.

Now try andpin theit again using Drag and Drop. Drag Google Chrome icon in the direction of the taskbar and also then drop it on taskbar.

Method 2: If this doesn"t assist, I would certainly suggest you run an SFC Shave the right to and also watch if it helps.

Follow the measures to run the System File Checker

On the Search bar form “cmd” and also clickctrl + transition + Enter to open theElevated Command Prompt.(If triggered for a password, type the password and also click Allow)Type “sfc /scannow” and hitEnter.

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Exit Command also Prompt.

For even more indevelopment around SFC Scan click the connect below: