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I acquired an SMS a few days ago through a Get media content now hyperattach. Here’s how to check out it.

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If I push the hyperconnect, the message shows up to adjust for a minute like it’s downloading and install somepoint, yet then it plays a ding sound and the hyperattach retransforms.

This is an problem via receiving MMS messperiods and deserve to be resolved by reestablishing your cellular network. My phone specifications are provided below:

Follow the actions listed below to settle the issue:

Go to your Settings application.Select Cellular.Select Change prl.Allow your phone a couple of moments to search for the prl.After the search is finish, navigate back to the mysterious SMS.Select the Get media content now hyperconnect.

The MMS content must now downpack, and also all is aacquire appropriate in the people of Windows Phone.

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May 21, 2014 at 12:16 pm

Hi everyone. I have actually the HTC 8x phone and I am through Sprint. I’ve had actually this trouble considering that my phone did a Windows update (I am running Windows 8). I searched almost everywhere in the internet for the answer to this problem and I gained extremely frustrated bereason I might not fix this issue. One thiing I did discover from this is that I learned that this ‘gain media content now’ message was from various people sending group messages via message. Not actual media documents, yet group text messperiods.

This is how I resolved my difficulty and also I uncovered this by accident.

I initially went in to settings.I went into Cellular. (it is the catalog that mirrors my energetic network-related holder, data connection, voice roaming choices, etc)I went all the way down to Setting selection. I readjusted it from LTE & CDMA to CDMA. (my windows update have to have readjusted this)

That was it. All my team messperiods began coming in. I am also now able to sfinish and also obtain my media documents as attachments too.

I don’t know if this will assist others out tbelow, but I simply believed I’d share just how i had the ability to finally settle this.


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