Geforce game ready driver preparing for installation

The Nvidia GeForce Experience is an application that all gamers need to usage if they want their graphics to be optimized for the latest games.Unfortunately, the GeForce Experience app does come with its very own fair share of concerns, such as the Preparing to install error.

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5. Turn off Windows Security

If you don’t have actually a third-party antivirus energy, turn off Windows Security.

Click Windows 10’s Type here to search taskbar button.Type Windows Security in the search box.Select Virus and also threat protection on the left of the window.Toggle the Real-time protection option off.Then attempt updating the graphics card driver via GeForce.

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Reinstall graphics card driver

Some customers could have to reinstall Nvidia graphics card chauffeurs to upday them. Our Display Driver Uninstaller guide gives details for just how you deserve to totally uninstall Nvidia motorists through that utility.