Geforce experience encountered an error and must close

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i freshly bought a GTX 750 Ti superclocked from EVGA and had actually most fun playing with itthis day an update for my Game Ready motorists came out. i wanted to install it. however upon opening geforce suffer it gave errors and i cant open up it. i"m entirely lost
i have tried every little thing.- reinstalled GeForce Experience- did the hosts file thing- EVEN REINSTALLED WINDOWS 8.1i dont understand what to domy pc specs:Microsoft Windows 8.1Intel i5 4430 Gigabyte H81M-D2V8GB of ramGeForce GTX 750 Ti superclocked from EVGAKingston SSDcurrently v300 120Gb1.5 TB Western digital green drive for games and also programs.sorry for my negative English. its not my native language.Note:Watch_Dogs also doesnt desire to pack my game OR make a new one

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Oh i solved it somehow.i updated my chipcollection motorists and also it worked aget
i updated my vehicle drivers to 347.52btw:Watch_Dogs desires to pack but once it starts to render the actual game it crashes

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