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* G1™ Gaming motherboards are equipped through the exclusive AMP-UP Audio Technology, which offers the industry’s highest level of onboard audio functions and also modern technologies. With AMP-UP Audio, gamers and audiophiles are able to experience crisp, ultra realistic sound results while gaming, and also the wealthiest possible sound experience as soon as listening to their favorite music and also movies.

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Customizable+ Users deserve to choose audio quality based upon individual listening choices.+ Wide availcapacity of additional OP-AMPs.Low Cost method to significantly improve audio quality+ Improve audio dynamics and overall sound-quality via little cost.+ No need for expensive speakers or high-end audio devices.

Exclusive onboard "Gain Boost" selector switches+ Select either traditional 2.5x or high-amplification 6x mode.+ 6x mode is ideal for high impedance speakers and also headphones


The ALC1150 is a high-performance multi-channel High Definition Audio Codec that delivers an exceptional audio listening suffer via up to 115dB SNR, ensuring users get the ideal possible audio high quality from their PC.The ALC1150 gives ten DAC channels that concurrently support 7.1-channel sound playago, plus 2 channels of independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) with the front panel stereo outputs. Two stereo ADCs are incorporated and also deserve to support a microphone range via Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Beam Forming (BF), and Noise Suppression (NS) technologies. The ALC1150 incorpoprices Realtek proprietary converter modern technology to accomplish Front differential output 115dB Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR) playearlier (DAC) top quality and 104dB SNR recording (ADC) top quality. G1™ Gaming motherboards additionally encompass Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 software application suite. Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 software application suite is a powerful audio platdevelop offering premium audio high quality, impacts and also functions for gamers. It functions SBX Pro Studio™ suite of innovations, which is designed to give you the fullest audio suffer.
* G1™ Gaming motherboards use high end, Japanese branded Nichicon audio capacitors. These experienced audio capacitors deliver the highest high quality sound resolution and also sound development to develop the many realistic sound results for skilled gamers.

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* motherboards load peak top quality gold plated audio and also HDMI connectors for enhanced connectivity and resilient durability. Gold has actually superb signal conductivity and will not tarnish over extfinished periods of usage. The Audio controller is likewise shielded by a gold plated cover which eliminates electrostatic interference.
Featuring dual USB 2.0 ports, USB DAC-UP offers clean, noise-cost-free power shipment to your Digital-to-Analog Converter. DACs have the right to be sensitive to fluctuations in power from the various other USB ports, which is why USB DAC-UP takes advantage of an isolated power source that minimizes potential fluctuations and ensures the ideal audio suffer possible.

+ Separation on the PCB layer protects the board"s sensitive analog audio components.+ Sepaprice analog and digital ground to safeguard against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).+ LED trace path lighting illuminates to display the separation of the PCB layers.

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Locating the ideal and also left audio channels on separate PCB layers, 9 Series G1™ gaming motherboards are able to get rid of channel crosstalk and preserve the finest audio top quality.