File too large for volume format

If you"ve encountered an error while copying a huge file (4 GB or larger) to a USB drive that has actually plenty of free area, reporting that the file is as well huge, it"s probably bereason the USB drive has actually been formatted with the FAT32 file system that has actually a limit on how big a record it deserve to have actually.

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Tright here is an relatively basic deal with for the trouble of a record being as well huge for the USB drive: you need to adjust the file mechanism of the removable drive from FAT32 to an extra modern-day system, such as exFAT of NTFS.

Before you continue, check the USB drive you are about to modify for any type of necessary records of yours, and if it has actually some, copy them out of the drive to some other place (such as the COMPUTER or a different removable drive). This is necessary bereason transforming the file mechanism of a drive will certainly immediately erase its contents.

After double-checking to make certain it"s OK to erase the removable drive, while it"s still attached to the COMPUTER, open up the This COMPUTER folder, right-click the USB drive in question (make certain it"s the correct one!) and also choose Style from the right-click food selection. When the Layout display screen shows up, pick exFAT or NTFS from the File system list:


If you are not sure which one to choose, select exFAT: it has actually even more assistance from non-home windows tool manufacturers, so if for instance, you would desire to use the USB drive through a Mac or Linux computer system, opportunities are they will have the ability to open the papers from the drive without any type of additional tweaking. If, however, you intfinish on utilizing the drives through older Windows computers, such as Windows XP, then choose NFTS, because exFAT is a relatively new format that may not be known by the old computer system.

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While you are deciding on which file mechanism to select, you might also desire to enter a Volume Label for the drive, such as Photos, or Movies, or some various other short text to remind yourself what this drive you are going to usage for. This label will be displayed in the This COMPUTER folder beside the USB drive letter.

Another option to choose is Quick Format: if it"s on, the file device of the drive will certainly be reput with the brand-new one without erasing the entirety drive, which would certainly be a lot faster then percreating a complete erase.

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Press Start to begin the formatting, and once it"s done, push Cshed to dismiss out on the Layout display screen. Now you need to be able to copy large documents to the USB drive even if they are bigger than 4GB without encountering errors.

Happy file managing!

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