File explorer opens when i exit full screen

File explorer, if you don’t already understand, is the window that allows you access your drives and also assorted various other files on Windows platdevelop. Recently, most customers are complaining about Data Explorer randomly opening up on their Windows. For some, it opens up randomly on its own whereas others have actually noticed a pattern where the File Explorer will open only at startup or while closing a full-display game etc. Although this doesn’t proccasion individuals from perdeveloping a job on Windows but it certainly is quite annoying to view a popup after eincredibly few minutes.

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Data explorer randomly opens

What causes the File Explorer to randomly open?

Here are a pair of things that deserve to reason your Data Explorer to pop up:

File Explorer Misbehave: Sometimes software application misbehaves on their own. It’s simply a random thing that causes this and there isn’t anything that you can do about it other than rebegin the application. Ssuggest ending the job using Task Manager and also refounding Documents Explorer fixes this issue.AutoPlay: If you are enduring the issue after connecting an external drive then the worry can be caused by the AutoPlay function. AutoPlay allows you choose a default action for a particular form of media. So, it can be that your AutoPlay is turned on and it is by default selected to open up File Explorer to display the contents of your external drive. And the constant popping up of your Documents Explorer can be because your external drive has a loosened connection and also it disconnects/connects which pressures your system to open File Explorer every time your drive re-connects.

Method 1: End Task Documents Explorer

Sometimes the worry isn’t as deep as we think it is and also the difficulty deserve to be addressed simply by rebeginning the problematic application. This have the right to be the case through Documents Explorer also. If Documents Explorer is simply misbehaving then ssuggest cshedding it through Task Manager fixes the problem. A lot of customers readdressed the worry by finishing the Documents Explorer job through Task Manager. So, lets begin by finishing the File Explorer job and relocate to the next techniques if this doesn’t work-related.

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Hold CTRL, SHIFT, and Esc (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) tricks at the same time to open up the Task ManagerLook for the Data Explorer in the list of processSelect Data Explorer and also click End Task. Keep in mind that it might be named Windows Explorer depending on the version of Window you are making use of. Windows Explorer and also Data Explorer are the very same point. Note: Depfinishing on your Windows variation, you might see a Restart switch instead of End Task. If you execute view a Restart button then sindicate click that and also you don’t have to perform the next 2 steps.End Task Data Explorer to Restart Data ExplorerOnce done, click File from within the Task Manager and also select New TaskType traveler.exe and also press EnterNow restart the system

This have to solve the problem for you.

Method 2: Remove AutoPlay

This solution is for people that are enduring this trouble whenever before they affix a USB stick or an exterior difficult drive to the device. If you are seeing Data Explorer constantly popping up after connecting a USB then you deserve to rotate off the AutoPlay attribute of the Windows. AutoPlay is a function that lets you choose an activity for a details type of media in a drive. So your AutoPlay can be set to open Documents Explorer to present the contents of your placed drive and also disabling AutoPlay will certainly solve this worry. Follow the steps given listed below to rotate of AutoPlay

Hold Windows key and press RType regulate panel and press EnterType Control Panel and also Press Go into to Open Control PanelSelect small icons from the drop-dvery own menu under View By (top best corner)Switch to Small Icons in Control Panel to Access AutoPlaySelect AutoPlaySelect AutoPlayUncheck the alternative Use AutoPlay for all media and also devicesClick SaveUnexamine AutoPlay Option to Disable AutoPlay and also Click Save

That’s it. This should turn off AutoPlay and also you won’t view Documents Explorer eexceptionally time you insert a USB tool.

By Kevin Arrows February 23, 2020
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Kevin Arrows

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Fix: File Explorer Randomly Opens on Windows 10

If the issue is via your Computer or a Lapoptimal you must try using Restoro which can sdeserve to the repositories and rearea corrupt and also missing files. This functions in most instances, where the worry is originated due to a mechanism corruption. You deserve to downfill Restoro by clicking the Download switch below.