Feature update to windows 10 version 1607 error 0x80240017

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Please administer even more information so that the cause of your trouble might be diagnosed.

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Please restart your computer and also enable 20 minutes for the device to run before uploading indevelopment forced to help me investigate your trouble. When examining Event Viewer log files many, not all, troubles present in the duration automatically after the computer has actually been booted.

Please carry out a copy of your System Information file. To accessibility your System Information file select the keyboard shortcutWin+R, typemsinfo32 and clickOK . Place the cursor onSystem Summary. Select File, Export and give the file a name noting wbelow it is located. Click Save.Files in the txt file format are preferred.Do not location the cursor within the body of the report prior to exporting the file.

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The device creates a new System Indevelopment file each time system information is accessed. You need to enable a minute or 2 for the file to be totally inhabited before exporting a copy. Please uppack the file to your OneDrive, share with everyone and write-up a link here. If the report is in a language various other than English, please state the language.

Please upfill to your OneDrive and also share via everyone a copy of yourSystem log file from your Event Viewer and post a connect here. Please rerelocate any earlier duplicates of the logs from your OneDrive.

To accessibility the System log pick the key-board shortcutWin+R, kind eventvwr.msc and push the ENTER key. From the list in the left side of the home window select Windows Logs and System. Place the cursor on System, pick Action from the Menu andSave All Events as (the default evtx file type) and also provide the file a name. Do not carry out filtered documents.

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Do not area the cursor in the list of reports prior to choosing Action from the menu. Donot clear logs whilst you have actually a proceeding trouble.