Fallout shelter xbox one not working

Fallout Shelter is among the a lot of famous games at the minute on both the Xbox One and Windows PC platforms. As a player, you’ll manage a state-of-the-art underground Vault, a safe location for your Dwellers to live in and avoid the risks of the Wasteland.

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Fallout Shelter is a fun and also complicated game, however sometimes it also puts your patience to the test. The game is impacted by a series of bugs, limiting the gaming experience. For the time being, tright here are exceptionally few workarounds easily accessible to deal with them.
In this write-up, we’re going to list the most prevalent Fallout Shelter concerns reported by players and also their equivalent workarounds if easily accessible.

Fallout Shelter bugs on PC and also Xbox One

Download issues

Many type of players report they can’t also download Fallout Shelter. Some lucky players have the right to indeed download the game, yet the procedure is so slow it appears it will take prefer forever before to complete. If you’re suffering sluggish downpack worries, follow the troubleshooting actions listed in our dedicated resolve post.

I’m having actually serious concerns via the game so far, from the unusually slow-moving downpack times.

Video Game fails to conserve progress

Losing all your vault building progress after having invested a few hrs right into the gameplay can be incredibly frustrating. This is not the first time Bethesda fans report file conserving concerns with the company’s games.

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So I simply logged onto Fallout Shelter after taking a brief netflix break. The vault I started previously and invested 2+ hours on is currently gone. <…> it does make me afrhelp to also play the game for a much longer time. <…> I tried refounding my Xbox. It also syncs data once I pack the game up, yet all 3 slots say new vault. Want to understand the most ironic part? I named the vault 404.

Micro-transactions won’t work

Xbox One players report they can’t buy in-game micro-transactivity items. It seems that Bethesda needs to patch micro-transactions on Xbox One, however the good news is that you deserve to buy the items on PC and also they’ll deliver to the Xbox One.

Fallout Shelter crashes

Players additionally report that the game crashes once they hit the play switch. It appears that this issue occurs largely on the Xbox One, although COMPUTER customers have likewise reported it.

Unmounted the game the initially time cause it cramelted within the initially 5-10 seconds of beginning. Remounted it and played for about a hour prior to acquiring off. Got back on the following day and every one of my saves are gone and can’t even begin a new game to proceed. Issue is still the exact same on pc variation.

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Speaking of which, if you’re experiencing Fallout Shelter crashes on your Xbox One, you deserve to follow the troubleshooting procedures noted in our solve write-up.

These are the a lot of common Fallout Shelter bugs reported by players. If you’ve come throughout any options to solve the worries detailed over, feel cost-free to list the steps in the comment section listed below.