Failed to restore virtual machine state

While founding a digital machine (VM) from saved state on my Windows 10 lapoptimal via Client Hyper-V, the following error message popped up and also the VM itself did not power on.

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An error emerged while attempting to start the selected digital machine(s). ‘‘ faibrought about readjust state.

The error itself did not define a lot why the startup from conserved state was failing, yet in the Event Viewer and even more particular in the Hyper-V event logs (tap the Windows crucial + R to open Run, type eventvwr in the empty box and tap OK. When opened go to Applications and Services LogsMicrosoftWindowsHyper-V-WorkerAdmin) Event 3326 was displayed, which verified a lot even more.

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The Virtual Machine ‘VM-W8-HOME’ failed to begin bereason tright here is not enough disk room. The mechanism was unable to develop the memory contents file on ‘C:\_VMVM-W8-HOMEVirtual MachinesCB9D8995-F1FC-4349-9C35-7728F5B90245’ through the dimension of 7340 MB. Set the course to a disk with even more storage room or delete uncrucial records from the disk and also try aacquire. (Virtual machine ID CB9D8995-F1FC-4349-9C35-7728F5B90245)

The error suggests that not enough cost-free area is obtainable on the host which reasons difficulties to start the VM. The View in Disk Management (tap the Windows vital + R to openRun, typediskmgmt.mscin the empty box and also tapOK) indeed shows that the C: drive just has actually 2 % free, which is not enough to begin the VM.


After determining that the error was caused by a absence of disk space, I cleaned up my C: drive by deleting some unvital and momentary records, to totally free up some more area (at leastern 4096 MB which amounts to the amount of digital memory of the VM). As a result, the VM began up aget.

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To start a VM from conserved stated the amount of free disk space have to at least amounts to the amount of online memory allocated to the VM.

For example, if your VM has actually 4096 MB of virtual memory assigned, you should have actually at leastern 4096 MB accessible on the drive. If you carry out not have actually enough disk room obtainable you need to cost-free up some space to have the ability to start the VM.

As a recommendation you need to always save at least 10 – 20 % of free disk space easily accessible.