Failed to open the disk image file

VirtualBox Error - Fairesulted in open up the disk photo file Cannot register the hard disk UUID already exists.
VirtualBox Error - Fairesulted in open the disk photo file Cannot register the hard disk UUID already exists.


Cannot register the tough disk ‘*.vdi’ UUID_UUID_SAME because a hard disk ‘*.vdi’ through UUID UUID_SAME already exists.

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OIM VirtualBox Hard Disk (.vdi file) via UUID 92957aa4-0f2b-4b4b-be1e-23db8e47393c already exists, and also trying to add one more OPAM or OAM VirtualBox Hard Disk (.vdi file) via the very same UUID 92957aa4-0f2b-4b4b-be1e-23db8e47393c.

It is as a result of the truth that OIM VDI file was cloned or replicated to be used as OPAM or OAM VDI.

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Open ‘Command Prompt’ run as ‘Administrator’cd C:Program FilesOracleVirtualBoxCopy the newly readjusted UUID – 635c3815-d489-47fb-90ab-9b0400a323beOpen the .vbox file located at C:Users ajesVirtualBox VMsOIMVBImage11.1.2.3Rearea old UUID through brand-new UUID (from action 4) – Cshed the VirtualBox and also open up again, so that it deserve to refer the brand-new VDI UUID.Add new VDI file, tbelow will not be any type of error, as the conflict acquired readdressed when you changed the UUID to brand-new one.
August 20, 2017

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