Failed to create listen socket, aborting

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Guys, I"m trying to connect to my website to manage some files. When I try to attach to the hold, this is the output I get:

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Status:Connecting to XXX.XX.XX.XX:XX...Status:Connection established, waiting for welcome message...Status:Initializing TLS...Status:Verifying certificate...Status:TLS link establimelted.Status:Logged inStatus:Retrieving magazine listing...Command:PWDResponse:257 "/" is the present directoryCommand:TYPE IResponse:200 Type set to ICommand:PASVResponse:227 Entering Passive Setting (XXX,XX,XX,XX,XXX,XX).Command:MLSDError:Connection timed out after 20 secs of inactivityError:Faicaused retrieve directory listingStatus:Dislinked from serverStatus:Connecting to XXX.XX.XX.XX:XX...Status:Connection establimelted, waiting for welcome message...Status:Initializing TLS...Status:Verifying certificate...Status:TLS link establiburned.Status:Logged inStatus:Retrieving magazine listing...Command:PWDError:Connection timed out after 20 secs of inactivityError:Fairesulted in retrieve magazine listing
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Connecting to probe.filezilla-task.orgConnection establiburned, waiting for welcome message.Response: 220 FZ rexternal and also firewall tester readyUSER FileZillaResponse: 331 Give any kind of password.PASS 3.22.1Response: 230 logged on.Checking for correct outside IP addressRetrieving exterior IP resolve from for correct outside IP addressIP XXX.XX.XXX XXX-XXX-XX-XXXResponse: 200 OKFairesulted in create listen socket, abortingConnection closed
From what I"ve check out virtual, the "Fairesulted in develop listen socket, abortingFailed to create listen socket, aborting" is regarded a firewall. For basic information, I execute have actually a ESET antivirus and a VPN organization. I"ve tried connecting with both of them turned off, and even via a fresh restart through both solutions collection not to start on boot. Windows Firewall is detriggered. What might be the source of the trouble, and also just how to fix it? Could it be the router, also if I controlled to gain some connection, but simply "Faibrought about retrieve directory listing"? I"m not sure if I"ll obtain accessibility to the router, so is tright here any type of other thing that I can try, or is it practically certain a port/firewall difficulty inside the router configs?


Could you test your server at our site? Please test both Level FTP and also FTP over TLS. If Level FTP works then your server is not configured correctly for FTP over TLS.

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Re: Failed to produce listen socket, aborting

Thanks a lot for the help!So I did the test through the 3 of the options. It failed on the two of them, except Plain FTP, which it passed with the warning around being insecure and that it did not solve to a IPV6 Address.The EXPLICIT FTP OVER TLS went back this error:

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Error: Connection timed out Timeouts are normally caused by some rexternal and/or firewall that is interrupting the link. Try uninstalling all firewalls and plug your computer system straight right into your modem, therefore bypassing the router.

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So I tried connecting in Plain FTP, and also it failed an additional time, aborting after keying the password, as a result of inactivity. So I amped up the moment limit to 120 seconds, and tried aget. One more fail after "Command Type I". One more try, and finally controlled to attach. Started downloading and install the files for a backup, which it did, yet after downloading and install some 400 Kb, it aborted due to the time again, however reassociated appropriate after. It is still, kind of, I guess, downloading and install the files, though after 15 minutes it acquired 36 files with a full dimension of 850K. Its downloading a paper at much less then 50 B/s. Is it likely to be a trouble through my host? I intend, the webwebsite loads much faster than this. I"ll approve you, it is not state of the art rapid, but not that poor for sure.. Also, is it likely that the error I got via Explicit FTP over TLS is pertained to this super slow rate I"m experiencing? Is tbelow anypoint I can perform, or is it the norm?Thanks when aobtain for the help.