Facebook full screen video not working

I am making use of Chrome and this just happens in Facebook and just for YouTube videos (HTML5).

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When going fulldisplay it reflects the video in for a second and also than the video disshows up and I check out the Facebook web page in fulldisplay via the "www.facebook.com is in currently complete screen. Exit full screen ESC" message on top. I deserve to click links however the page will not scroll. Pressing ESC departure the fulldisplay screen mode and I can continue watch the video in the traditional dimension.

When opening the very same video on the Youtube web page tbelow is no problem to go fulldisplay.

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No problem watching Youtube videos in fullscreen from other sites.

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Has anyone else skilled this problem and also found a solution?

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Craig Shearer
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Shay FertigShay Fertig
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This additionally started happening to me after I went from Chrome 39 to 41. The problem shows up to be a pest, as reported right here.

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Petter SundlöfPetter Sundlöf
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I was having actually the precise exact same problem. The only solution I could find was to set YouTube to usage Flash by default instead of their HTML 5 player.

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Joe KiernanJoe Kiernan
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In google assist forum I uncovered out that it may help to zoom tab to 100% (which did not occupational for me), or you could disable hardware acceleration in Chrome/Chromium in progressed settings (which functioned for me on one hardware, yet invoked display screen tearing). Oddly after switching hardware acceleration back on, fulldisplay works. (This was with Nvidia proprietary graphics driver.)

answered Dec 15 "15 at 20:33
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