Excel 2003 crashes when entering data

I have actually this excel file and it freezes once I"m entering information. For circumstances, I double click on a cell, enter the information and also as soon as I press " enter ". It freezes instead of going to the cell underneath. Pressing " enter " a number of times does not unfreeze the routine, the only point that functions is picking another cell through the computer mouse.

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This excel sheet has even more or much less 10 sheets and I have actually two or three macros however this difficulty persists also as soon as I"m disabling the macros.

I have tried to run this excel file on two various Macs and also both of them experience the same trouble.

Any ideas?



Disable Flash fill under file > options > advanced > editing and enhancing options > "instantly flash fill" This is a known problem with Excel!



Had the very same concern happen to me today.I was modifying an Excel workbook that had actually cells referenced in another workbook that was open up at the moment.When I entered a value, the worksheet I was on would not respond, going to one more worksheet and entering a value then escaping would certainly "reset" and I would certainly have the ability to go earlier to the worksheet to resume occupational, however would get "stuck" aacquire ideal after entering an additional value.

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Solved the problem by cshedding the other Excel workbook that was referencing cells in the workbook I was working on.


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