Error: former volume not mounted

When trying to access a downloaded or in development torrent, you encounter the Former volume not mounted error.A quick way to solve this error is to disconnect and reconnect the external drive used as the storage device for the torrental fees.Conversely, attempt configuring the downpack place to resolve the error.On uTorrent, you can settle the former volume not installed error by matching the drive letter to the computer system allocated drive.

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As an outcome, the individuals are unable to accessibility their downloaded papers. The error deserve to happen on all the significant torrent clients, including BitTorrent, Utorrent, and also Vuse.
Reading via different user experiences through comparable error argues that the error can happen due to several reasons.

Bad exterior driver letter, incorrect download location, wrong letter in disk monitoring, and also corrupted content are some of the reasons.

In this write-up, we have listed a few straightforward methods to settle the Former volume not placed error in Windows 10.

How carry out I fix former volume not installed error?

1. Rerelocate and reconnect the external storage gadget


Run a PC Shave the right to with Restoro Repair Tool to discover errors resulting in security difficulties and also slowdowns. After the shave the right to is complete, the repair process will rearea damaged records with fresh Windows documents and components.

To resolve the problem, sindicate relocate the original downpack place of the existing torrent papers and also set it as the torrent’s downpack area.

Repeat the actions if the error is motivated on multiple torrent documents.

3. Match the downpack drive letter

Launch the uTorrent client on your COMPUTER.Click Options from the food selection and also pick Preferences.In the Preferences window, click the Directory tab from the left pane.On the right pane, inspect if the drive letter matches your current configuration. If you are making use of an outside drive, make certain the drive letter matches.If essential, adjust the drive letter and click Apply to conserve the alters. Click OK to close the Preferrals home window.Rebegin uTorrent and also examine if the error torrent error former volume not placed is refixed.

Your COMPUTER may transform the drive letter alsituated to an outside hard drive that is provided to conserve the downlots and also on a regular basis disassociated from your PC.
Make certain the drive letter is corresponding by going into the uTorrent Preferral settings.

4. Change driver letter using Disk Management

Open the torrent client, hover over the error message and check the drive letter discussed.Cshed the torrent client and open the Disk Management tool.Press the Windows key + R to open up Run.Type diskmgmt.msc and also click OK.In the Disk Management home window, right-click the drive letter that doesn’t enhance the one pointed out in the error message.Select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

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Click the Change switch in the Change Drive Letter and Paths window.Click the drop-down food selection and pick the drive letter that was pointed out in the error message.Next, click OK to save the alters and restart your computer system to apply the alters.After the rebegin, open your torrent client and also examine if the uTorrent former volume not mounted.

5. Edit the Resume.dat file

Note: Skip these actions if you are not using uTorrent. To modify the resume.dat file, you need a file editor. Downpack and installNotepad++if you don’t have it installed currently.

Once installed, push the Windows vital + R to open Run.Type the adhering to and also click OK:%AppData%uTorrentLocate the Resume.dat file, develop a copy and conserve it in a different folder as a backup.Go earlier to the AppDatauTorrent folder and also right-click on the Resume.dat file.Select the Edit through Notepad++ choice from the conmessage food selection, and also press Ctrl + F.Click the Rearea tab, and in the Find What field, enter the incorrect path, for example C:Downloads.In the Replace With area, enter the correct route for your drive. Click the Replace All switch to rearea all the instances of the incorrect route through the correct one.Click Close, and press the Ctrl + S button to save the transforms.Restart your computer system and also launch the application to see if the error is resolved.

By editing and enhancing the Resume.dat file, many customers have reportedly fixed the error. Just make certain to fill the incorrect and correct course and also then proceed via the replacement procedure.

If anypoint goes wrong, relocation the edited Resume.dat file via the backup file conserved in action 4 over.

The Former volume not mounted error in torrent clients can happen as a result of incorrect storage drive letter or if the computer system is unable to detect the drive.

Follow the actions in the write-up to resolve the difficulty and also complete the torrent downtons.

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