Error code: 0x80071a90 windows 10

I upgraded from windows 8 or 8.1 to home windows 10. I"m having a difficulty wbelow I can not run some programs, it tells me to install a function .net framework 3.5, i attempt installing it however it doesn"t work-related, it provides me an error code :0x80071a90

assist me please.

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Thank you for posting your query in Community.

I would certainly indicate you to try this approaches and also check if it helps.

Windows Upday error 80071A90 happens as soon as papers that are compelled by Windows are in usage (locked) by other programs. Programs, such as antivirus programs that run once Windows starts, deserve to lock mechanism documents.

Let’s try the following techniques and also inspect if it helps.

Method 1:

This error can often be corrected by running the Windows Upday Troubleshooter, which deserve to immediately uncover and also resolve some widespread difficulties through Windows Upday.

I imply you to run the Windows Upday Troubleshooter and examine if it resolves the worry. Follow the listed below actions.

1.Press Windows + X secrets on the keyboard and also select Control Panel

2.Type Troubleshooting in the search bar on the Control Panel.

3.Click on System and protection under Troubleshoot computer troubles.

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4.Click on Windows Update under Windows.

5.Click on Advanced on the Windows update dialog box and click Run as administrator (Get in the credentials if required).

6.Click on Next and also follow onscreen instruction complete the Windows Update troubleshooter.

If the problem still persist, follow the below strategy.

Method 2:

Safe Setting (Rebegin computer system, push the F8 essential as soon as the boot menu pops up, select , and boot up)

You may describe the adhering to connect which discusses about how to start the computer system in Windows Safe Mode.

Some 3rd party software such as security software application will affect the System Restore. If the concern does not take place in Safe Mode, please momentary disable the protection software program and also watch if the issue occurs. When your computer system is in safe mode, you"ll see the words Safe Setting in the corners of your monitor. To departure safe mode, restart your computer and also let Windows start normally.

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Method 3:

If it still does not work then perdevelop a clean boot.Refer this link: to Windows 10.

Hope this helps Get earlier to us with the outcomes and also we"ll be glad to help you better.