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Dell Diagnostics
CAUTION: Before you start any type of of the actions in this section, follow the safety instructions in the Product Indevelopment Guide.

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Dell Diagnostics

When to Use the Dell Diagnostics

If you suffer a trouble through your computer system, perform the checks in "Solving Problems" and also run the Dell Diagnostics before you contact Dell for technological assistance.

It is recommended that you print these steps prior to you start.

NOTICE: The Dell Diagnostics functions just on Dell™ computer systems.

Start the Dell Diagnostics from either your tough drive or from the optional Drivers and Utilities CD (likewise well-known as the ResourceCD).

Starting the Dell Diagnostics From Your Hard Drive

The Dell Diagnostics is situated on a concealed diagnostic energy partition on your hard drive.

NOTE: If your computer system cannot screen a display picture, contact Dell.
Shut down the computer. If the computer is linked to a docking device (docked), undock it. See the documentation that came with your docking gadget for instructions.Connect the computer to an electrical outlet.Turn on the computer. When the DELL™ logo shows up, press automatically.
NOTE: If you cannot view anypoint on your screen, hold dvery own the mute button and press the computer"s power switch to start the Dell Diagnostics. The computer immediately runs the Pre-boot System Assessment.
NOTE: If you check out a message stating that no diagnostics energy partition has actually been uncovered, run the Dell Diagnostics from your optional Drivers and also Utilities CD.

If you wait too lengthy and the operating system logo design appears, proceed to wait until you watch the Microsoft® Windows® desktop. Then shut down your computer system and also try aobtain.

When the boot gadget list shows up, highlight Diagnostics
and push .

The computer runs the Pre-boot System Assessment, a series of initial tests of your device board, key-board, difficult drive, and also display.

If the Pre-boot System Assessment completes effectively, you obtain the message Booting Dell Diagnostic Utility Partition. Press any essential to continue.

Press any kind of key to start the Dell Diagnostics from the diagnostics energy partition on your difficult drive.Starting the Dell Diagnostics From the Optional Drivers and Utilities CDInsert the Drivers and also Utilities CD.Shut down and restart the computer.

When the DELL logo appears, press instantly.

If you wait as well long and the Windows logo appears, continue to wait till you view the Windows desktop computer. Then shut down your computer system and also try aobtain.

NOTE: The following procedures change the boot sequence for one time just. On the next start-up, the computer boots according to the devices stated in device setup.
When the boot gadget list appears, highlight CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive
and push .Select the CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive choice from the CD boot food selection.

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Select the Boot from CD-ROM alternative from the food selection that shows up.Type 1 to begin the ResourceCD food selection.Type 2 to begin the Dell Diagnostics.Select Run the 32 Bit Dell Diagnostics from the numbered list. If multiple versions are listed, select the variation correct for your computer.When the Dell Diagnostics Key Menu appears, pick the test you want to run.Dell Diagnostics Key MenuAfter the Dell Diagnostics tons and also the Main Menu screen appears, click the button for the alternative you desire.



Expush Test

Performs a quick test of devices. This test frequently takes 10 to 20 minutes and also needs no interactivity on your part. Run Expush Test first to increase the possibility of tracing the trouble quickly.

Extfinished Test

Perdevelops a thorough inspect of gadgets. This test commonly takes 1 hour or even more and needs you to answer concerns periodically.

Custom Test

Tests a particular device. You have the right to customize the tests you want to run.

Symptom Tree

Lists the most widespread symptoms encountered and allows you to choose a test based upon the symptom of the problem you are having.

If a difficulty is encountered throughout a test, a message appears with an error code and also a summary of the difficulty. Write dvery own the error code and difficulty description and also follow the instructions on the display screen.

If you cannot deal with the error problem, contact Dell.

NOTE: The Service Tag for your computer is located at the height of each test display screen. If you call Dell, technological support will certainly ask for your Service Tag.
If you run a test from the Custom Test or Symptom Tree option, click the applicable tab described in the adhering to table for even more information.




Displays the outcomes of the test and also any kind of error conditions encountered.


Displays error problems encountered, error codes, and also the trouble description.


Describes the test and also may indicate demands for running the test.


Displays your hardware configuration for the selected gadget.

The Dell Diagnostics obtains configuration information for all devices from device setup, memory, and also various internal tests, and also it displays the information in the gadget list in the left pane of the display screen. The tool list may not display the names of all the components set up on your computer system or all gadgets attached to your computer.


Allows you to customize the test by transforming the test settings.

When the tests are completed, if you are running the Dell Diagnostics from the optional Drivers and also Utilities CD, rerelocate the CD.

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When the tests are complete, cshed the test screen to return to the Main Menu display. To exit the Dell Diagnostics and restart the computer system, cshed the Main Menu display.