Dvi to hdmi sound not working

I have a Samsung T220HD LCD via included speakers. When I attach it to my video card through VGA cable, the speakers works fine. But, I newly bought an DVI to HDMI cable, (my video card has actually dvi outputs too). When I attach the HDMI to DVI cable, the speakers don"t job-related. I used to affix my monitor speakers to the audio card via one jack cable. But I repeat, this functions only on VGA. I tried likewise an jack wich finishes in two analog cables. I connected the jack to my sound card, and also the analog inputs (Left and Right) to my monitor audio-in. Still no sound.

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So, is there a solution to make my monitor speakers work on a DVI to HDMI connection? Thanks.


Make certain you affix the audio cable to the "HDMI/PC/DVI-D AUDIO IN" port on the ago of the TV making use of the weird Red/White to Single Blue connector your TV/Monitor may have actually come via.

Why do not you simply usage a DVI cable rather of a DVI to HDMI converter cable? Your TV supports DVI, and also HDMI cables have the capcapacity to contain audio, so the TV can trying to get non-existent audio out of the HDMI cable.


This could perhaps be a software difficulty.

As DVI and HDMI are electrically compatible, and also HDMI can have actually audio, your pc might be redirecting it wrongly.

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I personally have actually not checked out this with a card that is simply DVI, but it might be worth checking your sound driver"s program / manager and Windows audio manager (if making use of windows) and simply make sure that audio is being directed out the correct port.

For my laptop, the minute I plug in a HDMI cable, my neighborhood audio just mutes unmuch less I collection the inner speakers to default.


specifically if you have a current ATI gfx card (>HD3000) the chip acquired it"s very own audio device to be able to carry out audio (you need to check out a second audio device). This integrated just functions via the DVI to HDMI adapter gave with the card considering that it appears to include some logic. Standard DVI to HDMI cables don"t support audio.As said above: Either make sure you usage the standard audio or use the ATI dongle and also the included audio in this (ATI) instance.


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