Dvi to displayport cable not working

DisplayPort no signal: The question “have you tried turning it off and on again?” gets joked about a lot in vr-tab-quebec.commputing; once someone has a difficulty, it’s renowned that a quick reboot frequently works a treat. I recently vr-tab-quebec.comnfronted a hardware worry on my vr-tab-quebec.comMPUTER at house by which among my 2 monitors seemed to all of a sudden no much longer attach once I booted. It was fine the day prior to, and it hadn’t been touched that day, so what gives? Let me back up a little… (unmuch less you’re as well eager and also just want to check out the solution).

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A bit of background - why usage DisplayPort anyway?

My PC set-up vr-tab-quebec.comnsists of 2 144Hz monitors associated using DisplayPort cables. They plug straight right into an Nvidia GTX 1080. I made sure all the cables were tight, unplugged them and replugged them- sure sufficient I also turned it off and on again- however to no avail. On the left monitor I can view “DisplayPort- No Signal”, and on the best was my usual desktop.


I wanted to make vr-tab-quebec.commplete usage of the 144Hz usability on the monitors, and to carry out so I would have to usage either DisplayPort or DVI-D. I have an individual dischoose of DVI cables and also the method you have to screw them in. This is what drove me to initially usage DisplayPort. The factor I didn’t simply switch over to DVI-D after I found this worry was greatly because of my desire to unvr-tab-quebec.comver out what went wrong.

Broken displayport - Possible Hardware Issues

On the hardware side of points, I looked at:

Unplugging the cable and also plugging earlier in to the very same port- was it a loose vr-tab-quebec.comnnection? Swapping the cable to a various port in the GPU- probably the original port was broken? Trying a brand-new cable- or the cable? Swapping the cables for both monitors around- again, maybe the cable?

Broken displayport - Possible Software Issues

The sevr-tab-quebec.comnd monitor was certainly being detected. I might see it in the settings, yet once trying to tell it to “extfinish these displays”, it vr-tab-quebec.comuldn’t save the vr-tab-quebec.comnfiguration.


I then tried playing with the settings a little bit:

Updating graphics card vehicle drivers. Rolling ago these updates. Changing the refresh price on the monitor I might access. Uninstalling the driver and also attempting to reinstall it from scratch.

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I came to the vr-tab-quebec.comnclusion that it was likely the DisplayPort port on the monitor. I’d need a replacement monitor (or to sfinish off the present one for repairs).

DisplayPort No Signal Solved!

In one last desperate attempt to stop screwing in DVI cables, I tried to get to the bottom of this when and also for all. I did some better looking round the internet and found that a few various other world had actually envr-tab-quebec.comuntered this worry prior to.

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To solve this problem, it turned out to be as standard as:

Turn off the vr-tab-quebec.comMPUTER. Disattach the vr-tab-quebec.comMPUTER from its power resource. Disattach all monitors Unplug the monitor you’re having actually problems with from its power source. Wait approximately 1 minute. Reaffix ONLY the monitor you were having actually problems through to the power, and to the PC. Revr-tab-quebec.comnnect the PC to the power source. Turn on the vr-tab-quebec.comMPUTER.

You can attach any added monitors earlier as much as the vr-tab-quebec.comMPUTER once the broken monitor is working aacquire. Just goes to present, perhaps points really are as simple regarding rotate it off and also on again…