Dvd drive starts spinning then stops

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Tbelow are users reporting that the DVD player spins then stops, or DVD player spins but will not play. For instance, "When I put a DVD in, the DVD player is not spinning. The light bweb links when it attempts to begin the reading but I can"t hear any kind of spinning sound.

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" This problem is quite a widespread error through DVD players and also is a lot of likely a hardware problem. But before you buy and also replace the disc drive, try the solutions below.

Why and How to FIX DVD Player not Spinning Errors?

1. Faulty DVD lens/head. You might need to open up the DVD player and also inspect the drive unit. Clean any type of dirt from the DVD drive. Remember don"t insert a disc via a sticker on it, or the sticker might stick on the spinning part and also cause the DVD player not spinning disc errors.

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2. Check if the disc is inserted in the DVD player in the ideal method (the label is not upside down). Tright here are individuals who need to manually press the disc down in the DVD player to make the DVD player spin.

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3. The DVD spinning motor may absence proper lubrication. You may should open up the situation of the DVD player and also apply WD-40 or comparable lubricant into the motor and drive shaft. Before you perform this, make sure it will not void the warranty.

4. If the disc is scratched or damaged in any method, the DVD player spins then stops, or the DVD player spins however will not play. Also examine the DVD player hand-operated to view if it supports the DVD format, favor DVD4, HDVD, HDVD-9, etc.

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If Disc is Not Spinning in PS4 or Other PlayStation...

1. As shortly as the disc is put right into the PS4, tap semi-tough on the optimal the PlayStation around the area wright here the disc is. 2. There are 2 door sensors in the PlayStation choose PS2 and also the disc will not spin in the drive if the door is open up. Make sure the bit babsence nub above the power switch and also the white/brown plastic box at the ago of the laser assembly are both puburned dvery own. 3. It"s starray that sometimes the DVD player will not spin discs unless the PlayStation is put vertically.

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