Dungeon siege legends of aranna windows 7

I have actually mounted and also attempted to play the original Dungeon Siege on my Windows 7 64 bit computer system.

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The game runs, but it is horrible choppy and basically unplayable. Looking approximately it looks choose it is a recognized problem.

Has anyone out tright here been able to obtain this game functioning in Win7 64bit? Or is my solution going to be a digital machine to XP or something?

(I would favor to know if tright here are other alternatives prior to I go via all the measures to put up a virtual machine.)



Run the DSVideoConfig.exe in the installation brochure, and clearly choose your video card (quite than the default "Main Display Driver - Hardware" or "TnL").

Also, it looks favor an additional action is necessary for Legend of Aranna to job-related. Copy the initially line from the DungeonSiege.ini file in the Dungeon Siege folder to the DungeonSiege.ini file in the LoA folder.



Running compatibility in Vista can assist also. I experienced it on an additional forum and it operated for me via a downloaded settle from MegaGames



Depending which version of Windows 7 you"re running XP Setting can be a simple answer, yes it does put it in a online makers, yet the VM is pretty much invisible and doesn"t acquire in the method or seem choose it"s in a VM.

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See this previous question Old Windows games not working on 64-little bit Windows.

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