Drop down menus not working windows 10

In Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, once I tap on drop dvery own menus, they will not reprimary for lengthy. For instance, in eBay when, I tap on my eBay drop dvery own, it is shown just for few seconds and goes ameans incredibly easily.

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ok I discovered the problem , its because the websites I tested are not totally compatible through windows tablet mode in home windows 10 making use of Microsoft edge , so , inevitably they are going to update themselves and this difficulty wont take place aacquire , I tried with some other websites choose Microsoft itself and intel and dropdowns was just fine ,


I had actually the trouble on a Windows 10 PC.Executing sfc /scannow as dectibed in System file inspect (SFC) Sdeserve to and Repair System Files solved it.Cf Microsoft Edge - dropdvery own menues cannot enable you to select


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