Does my motherboard support sata 3

Finding out which SATA modes your computer"s motherboard supports before purchasing a new drive have the right to be valuable in a number of means.Tbelow are 3 SATA settings presently, Sata 1.0, 2.0 and also 3.0, or in rate terms 1.5 Gb/s, 3.0 Gb/s and 6.0 Gb/s and also understanding which of the SATA modes your COMPUTER supports deserve to assist you make the best buying decision. You will not run into troubles connecting a faster drive to a slower SATA port or a sreduced drive to a faster one, however that is not really optimal either means.

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If you buy a slower drive you may endure slower performance than you hoped you would certainly acquire for circumstances, and the exact same is true when you buy a fast drive only to realize that your COMPUTER does not assistance the faster speeds so that it runs a lot sreduced than advertised.

It occasionally may make sense to buy a brand-new Sata 6 Gb/s drive anyway even if your PC only supports Sata 2.0. The reason below is that your following computer system might assistance the quicker typical and also if you move the drive to the new device, you deserve to advantage from the quicker speeds at that time.

When you search for indevelopment about supported SATA settings you regularly find suggestions to look up the design of the motherboard to search for indevelopment around it on the Web. While you might be able to look up the indevelopment ultimately, it is a sluggish procedure that might take many time depending on your motherboard"s version. Let me present you a quicker alternative to discover out which SATA modes your COMPUTER supports.

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The routine to usage is the totally free variation of SiSoftware Sandra. Tright here might be other programs that you have the right to use in this regard, but this one was the first to screen the indevelopment in a basic to understand fashion. Once you have installed the regime you are taken to an interchallenge that looks a little like it is stuck in the Windows 98 era of computing. It is not the simplest to navigate yet thankcompletely, we carry out not need to carry out many navigating to retrieve the information.

Click on the Hardware tab in the interconfront and double-click tright here on Motherboard. This opens a brand-new home window that takes a couple of seconds to fill. The regimen retrieves all indevelopment it have the right to gain around your motherboard. Scroll dvery own on this page until you concerned the Disk Controller entry on it.


The values of interemainder are "Maximum SATA Mode" which lists the fastest SATA mode obtainable, in this case SATA300 which implies 3 Gb/s and also the Ports area below which highlights the SATA Setting support of each port.

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Now that you recognize which SATA modes are supported by your PC, you deserve to make a better buying decision.

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