Do you want the application google to accept incoming network connections

I have a node application that uses puppeteer to test a internet website. Up until we updated to latest puppeteer 1.12.2 we had actually no problem.

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Node launches puppeteer on timerOn eextremely launch, device asks: "Do you desire to the application to accept incoming network connections"

In the Firewall tab of the "Security and also Privacy" settings, ACCEPT is particularly collection for Chromium. (and also we"ve tried turning it off too) Tright here appears to be no pleasing MacOS on this allude.

Any suggestions around exactly how to quiet MacOS and also recognize/persist the firewall preference?


We were having the exact same concern after upgrade our puppeteer and MacOS. One solution we have is to instruct puppeteer to usage our very own Chrome rather of the bundled chromium by specifying the executablePath. Below is a Typescript snippet just how we specify it. Same point if you usage vanilla JS.

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Sometimes that still is not enough, we have to make headless option false to make it continuously occupational, which is really annoying.

/** * produce a puppeteer "Browser" object. */ public static createBrowser(): Promise return puppeteer.launch( // ... various other options headless: false, executablePath: "/Applications/Google Chrome" ); Hope it additionally works for you. :-)


Another option is self authorize a certificate, follow the instructions in this comment:

Here in even more information how to open up the Certificate creator:

And then in the root of your repo run:

suexecute coarchitecture -s MyCertificateName -f ./node_modules/puppeteer/.local-chromium/mac-674921/chrome-mac/Chromium.application --deep


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