Do you have to reinstall windows with a new cpu

How to upgrade motherboard and also CPU without reinstalling Window 10, 8, 7? Read this guide to gain 3 techniques to aid you save existing Windows installation, settings and programs after replacing motherboard and CPU.


Will Windows 10/8/7 be activated after replacing motherboard?

Different kinds of Windows license key: activate or not

There are three kinds of Windows license crucial, OEM, Retail, and Volume. If your license is retail or volume, then Windows will certainly immediately gain triggered once connecting to the internet. However, OEM key is locked to the original hardware. You have to activate Windows by phone. It can take a couple of minutes for sending numbers earlier and forth.

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OEM or Retail: which one is your license key?

To examine your license key, right-click on My Computer or This PC in Windows 10 and also choose Properties, then scroll down to the bottom of the display and see the Product ID. If you check out OEM in the second group, then it is an OEM license crucial. Otherwise, it is retail or volume.

If your computer system is pre-mounted via Windows 10/8/7, commonly it is OEM vital. If you bought your license from Microsoft, it is a retail vital. Volume secrets are purchased by large providers or institutions.


Fast navigation for hardware upgrade methods

To adjust motherboard without reinstalling Windows 10/8/7, tright here are three techniques for you to select. One way is to perdevelop a global regain while the latter two methods are pertained to Registry Editor. Among theses ways, the initially one is the simplest means.

Way 1. Replace motherboard without reinstalling Windows through AOMEI Backupper

Universal Resave is a attribute of backup software program AOMEI Backtop that enables you to reclaim Windows device to another computer system through dissimilar hardware.

It guaratees that your computer system deserve to successfully boot without altering any type of settings. You just need to produce a backup of the original system and gain back it after replacing CUP and motherboard.

It works choose Windows bare metal recovery. The difference is that AOMEI Universal Rekeep is even more convenient without restrictions.

Tip Ⅰ: percreate a mechanism backup for universal restore

1. Download and also run AOMEI Backtop.

2. Click System Backup under Backup tab. It will immediately select necessary items as the backup source.


3. Select the location path for your backup and click Start Backup. You deserve to backup to external hard drive or the original tough drive, also network path.


Step Ⅱ: develop bootable media for universal restore

After replacing motherboard and CPU, your Windows might fail to boot, so you need to develop a bootable media in breakthrough.

Go to Tools > Create Bootable Media to make it.


Tips: If you don't desire to develop a bootable media, you have the right to go to Tools > Recovery Environment to permit the boot option of AOMEI Backtop recovery setting. It additionally allows you to boot right into Windows PE and perdevelop backup/restore.

Tip Ⅲ: start global restore

1. Press DEL or F2 repetitively at computer startapproximately change boot order and collection the bootable disk you developed as the initially boot alternative.

2. Then it will certainly fill the main interchallenge of AOMEI Backupper. Click Restore and Select Task or Select Image File to choose the backup created before.

3. Now, you should decide how to restore the backup image. Here are two methods, consisting of Resave this system backup, Restore a partition in this system backup. You can pick one according to your needs.

4. Before starting the restore, make sure the option Universal Restore is checked.


This technique have the right to additionally be offered to carry OS from one computer to an additional via disequivalent hardware.

Way 2. Change motherboard without reinstalling Windows by Registry

Before replacing motherboard and CPU in Windows 8/10 or Server 2012, you must adjust the msahci key in Registry, because it has actually been reput by StorAHCI in these units. As you might understand, editing Regisattempt imcorrectly may bring about severe worry, so you much better produce a complete device picture backup before hand also.

Tip Ⅰ: connect Windows account to online Microsoft account

Only as soon as you attach your Windows 10/8 account to a Microsoft account, you can reactivate your Windows after upgrading motherboard and CPU. So, please remember to connect the account first with the complying with steps.

1. Click Start > Settings >Upday & security, then click Activation in the left panel.

2. Click Add an account in the right panel and also signin with your Microsoft account.

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Step : modify Registry and also change motherboard

1. Press “Windows + R” tricks to open up the Run dialog box, form “regedit” and also then push Get in.


2. Within Regisattempt Editor, navigate to the complying with vital.


3. At the right pane, double click Start and also change its value from whatever to 0.


4. Also, readjust the following Key's DWORD value information to 0:


6. Save the changes and exit Registry editor.

7. Shut dvery own the computer and relocation the hardware. Then you must have the ability to boot Windows properly.

Step Ⅲ: activate your Windows after replacing motherboard and CPU

You might should reactivate Windows 10/8 after upgrading motherboard, simply follow the actions listed below to make it. (Windows 7 will the majority of likely reactivate by itself, so there is nothing to problem around.)

1. Upgrade the motherboard and tell Windows 10 to reactivate after the boot: Setups > Update & protection > Troubleshoot > I changed hardware on this tool recently.


2. Sign in your Microsoft Account aacquire and also click the Active button. Then it will grab the activation essential from your digital Microsoft account.

3. Change your Windows 10/8 account back to the Local Account if you want.

This approach will additionally work-related once you desire to move difficult drive to a new computer system without reinstalling Windows.

Way 3: Change motherboard and CPU without reinstalling Windows using Offline Registry

This strategy works for users who forget to edit Regisattempt prior to upgrading motherboard and also CPU, resulting in boot faiattract. Here, all you have to carry out is to prepare an installation disc and begin your computer system from it, then modify the Registry.

1. Start your computer system from installation disc, push F2 or Dell repeatedly to enter BIOS, collection the disc as the first boot alternative, then push F10 to save changes and also rebegin.

2. Set language and also various other settings, then click Repair your computer to move on.

3. Select Troubleshoot > State-of-the-art alternatives > Command Prompt subsequently.

4. Type regedit and also press Enter to open Regisattempt Editor.

5. Highlight the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key and also choose File and also Load Hive.

6. Go the mechanism drive and also open system file. Typically, the path is C:Windowssystem32configdevice.


7. Type a key name, below is Offline, and click OK to conserve it.

8. Go to the following keys in order and also collection the begin value of them to 0.




9. Highlight the Offline key, then select File and also Unload Hive to compose earlier the transforms you made. Finally, close the Registry Editor.

10. Restart your computer to adjust the BIOS settings, rerelocate the disc and run your comuter as normal.

Windows 10 won't boot after motherboard upgrade

Some customers report that Windows 10 won't boot after motherboard upgrade. The most prevalent reason might be the wrong boot mode. For instance, the original motherboard usage Legacy BIOS mode while the boot mode of new motherboard is UEFI.

To check if this is your difficulty, you deserve to restart your computer system, go to BIOS, pick Boot and also set Legacy boot choice priority to alternate mode. In my example, the alternative mode is UEFI.

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That’s all for exactly how to upgrade motherboard and CPU without reinstalling home windows 10/8/7. Three techniques can assist you achieve your goals.

AOMEI Backtop is the most basic means for a lot of users. You simply should make a backup and then reclaim the backapproximately transport mechanism.

Windows built-in energy Registry Editor deserve to additionally assist you make it. However before, the entirety procedure is sort of complex and also likewise time-consuming. In enhancement, it’s complete of dangers. Any imappropriate procedure may bring about significant issues. Please remember to make a backup in advancement.

If you want to protect unlimited computer systems within your agency, you can pick AOMEI Backtop Technician. With the indeveloped AOMEI Image Deploy tool, you are likewise enabled to deploy/gain back device photo file on server-side computer system to multiple client-side computers over netjob-related.