Do you have to keep msi afterburner open

Do test, and use some other monitoring software to verify that your clocks are what you collection while Afterburner is not loaded.


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I did, they remain even when cshedding Afterburner. 


I think component of the misexpertise right here could be that you"ve perhaps used to set Afterburner at start up, I don"t carry out that ever before. 


As said it *keeps* the OC even you entirely leave, what fails automatically tho is any kind of monitoring via RTSS and it likewise does not manage the fans anyeven more, however the Nvidia traditional fan curve takes over then. 


So the test I did now (because I wasn"t sure just how to show this behavior) was 


Open Precision X > load profile > use > leave precision X 


Check taskmanager, namong the precision X procedures active as much I can tell > open Afterburner > do nopoint, no loading propapers >




OC from Precision X is still applied, and yeah I did examine this with GPU-Z it clocks greater than default, bereason the OC is still energetic, also once Afterburner seemingly isn"t running (after exiting it of course) 


Thats simply just how it is, could be various if auto start is used, yet I"ve never before supplied it to my recollection so I can not say for sure. 


Tbh I additionally thought it"s an insect probably but the habits is regular in between different GPUs and Overclocking software program / versions and I"ve asked approximately everyone that tried it might confirm this. 



From the Tom"s hardware connect :



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this is an old threview however i came looking for answers and this is just one of the places i came so here is what i found out. afterburner does not have to be running to save an overclock once it has actually been applied. you set the overclock and hit use and also cshed afterburner and the oc remains UNTIL you reboot. afterburner is not running in the background. if you enable the "apply settings at startup" alternative then afterburner starts in the background at boot, uses settings, and also then closes itself. so tright here is no regime running in the background so dont issue about it slowing dvery own your game or taking up ramcpu or whatever.


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however....this does not use to fan profiles supposedly. you have to store afterburner running to keep your fan profile. 


^That"s precisely how it is for me and I do not see an concern with it either, the just point that"s a little bit dumb is that it drops back to Nvidia fancurve (start at 60C) so if I desire practice fan curve I *have* to have a regimen running for that.