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Updated on November 6th, 2020

This article covers step-by-step services to concern “Tright here is not sufficient room easily accessible on the disk to complete this operation”. You might receive such error message saying there is not sufficient disk room on the disk once developing or resizing partitions in Disk Management, copying documents, installing updays to a partition or stating an Office. If you are bothered by this difficulty and also can’t produce, shrink, extend or relocate partition, you can follow this overview to eliminate it.

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What’s the not enough disk area issue?

When you attempt to shrink or produce a volume via Disk Management, you may enrespond to the not sufficient room. The error “Tright here is not sufficient room obtainable on the disk to finish this operation” might shows up in various other cases. For instance, as soon as you start a Microsoft Office for Mac routine, you may receive “Tright here is not sufficient memory or disk area to finish the operation”. Similar error message might be “Tright here is not enough room on the disk” once you copy papers or install updays to a volume whose cost-free area is much less than 512MB.

Acomponent from that, if your computer’s memory is running low and it might take longer to access certain documents or application, and also at some point it fails to satisfy certain operations and also provide error “Not enough memory easily accessible to finish this operation. Quit one or more applications to boost easily accessible memory, and also then attempt again.”

Here is one of such issue found from Microsoft forum:

“Hey all, I get his error “There is no sufficient area accessible on the disk to complete this operation” every time I attempt to produce a brand-new partition for my computer system. My computer system runs Windows 64little bit ultimate on a 1TB difficult drive which includes 4 partitions. This regional disk likewise has actually virtually 100GB cost-free space which is displayed as unalsituated area from Disk Management. I desire to create a brand-new partition on free space yet it always states there is not sufficient space on the disk. That’s ridiculous! There is indeed much free space. Is that a mechanism bug? What’s your advice?”

Approaches to fix “not sufficient space on the disk” problem

Method 1: Run Disk Defragmenter for your difficult disk

Sometime this error is reasons by disk fragment considering that fragment pieces are in the finish of volume. Thus you can defragment your hard drive manually to check out whether this issue deserve to be addressed.

Step 1: Click Start button and type Disk Defragmenter. Click Disk Defragmenter from the looking result.

Tip 2: Choose disk you desire to defragment in the Current status section and click Analyze disk button.

It may take a while to analyze whether the disk needs to be defragment. When analyzing completes, you deserve to examine fragment percentage in Last Run part. If the number exceeds 10%, you have to run the defragment.

Step 3: Click switch Defragment disk to begin the procedure. If you are asked for any administrator password or confirmation, provide password or confirmation.

Please note that the defragment procedure may take several minutes or hours, and also you need to wait for the completion patiently.

Method 2: Kill virus and also clear junk documents.

Upday your anti-virus software application and usage it to sdeserve to your computer entirely to check for virus, malware and spyware. Ensure your computer system is cost-free from virus.

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Besides, you should carry out some cleaning for your disk. Delete junk documents and usemuch less cache information in order to cost-free up disk space and also rate up computer.

Method 3: Check partitions

As we all recognize MBR disk deserve to contain 4 primary partitions (or 3 primary partitions and also 1 extended partition) at a lot of. Please examine partitions on the tough drive and make sure you are not versus this rule. If tright here are already 4 main partitions, you’ll not be enabled to develop an additional major or extended partition.

Method 4: Extfinish volume via cost-free partition manger

Partition through low memory can be extfinished with cost-free partition manger, after which the volume will have sufficient disk pace to finish forced operations. Disk Management cannot fix all low disk area concern, as the Extfinish Volume options greys out in many kind of situations.

The recommfinished complimentary partition manager is vr-tab-quebec.com PartitionGuru Free which uses basic as well as progressed attributes for disk & partition administration. The partition resizing function is obtainable on FAT, exFAT and also NTFS partitions and it does not cause information loss. Downpack, install and launch vr-tab-quebec.com partition manager on your computer system, and also you can follow actions right here to solve “Not enough storage is easily accessible to finish this operation”.

Resize partition

Tip 1: Locate and also pick the partition you want to extfinish or shrink and right click computer mouse button to pick “Redimension Partition”.


Step 2: Configure space you want to move and click Start button.


Step 3: Wait for a while and also the resizing procedure will be done.

Create new partition from unallocated space

Step 1:Right click free/unalsituated disk room from PartitionGuru and choose Create New Partition.


Tip 2: Select partition form among major, extfinished and logical partition and set file mechanism kind. Then click OK.

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Tip 3: Click “Save All” switch and also PartitionGuru will prompt to format this recently created partition. After formatting this partition will certainly be assigned drive letter instantly.